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The article deals with the research of Yu. Tynyanov’s methodology regardless of the OPOYAZ paradigm. Slovotsentrizm (the dominant role of the word in human consciousness) of the Russian culture is clearly and tangibly manifested in the magic of OPOYAZ word, meaning a society of researchers aiming to find and examine the formal laws of prevalently poetic language. Both I.Shklovsky and B. Eyhenbaum considered the scientific historical construction of literature in terms of slovotsentrizm tradition. Therefore, their coordinated cooperation with the existing regime was required. The Tynyanov’s case is not typical for the Russian society. Having made literature and what he most loved in it - poetry, poems the subject of research, he did not rely on the art of a word only. His overflow from the field of philology was the departure from those forms of expression, which considered to be an ideological substratum of culture, to nonverbal intuitions, as the latter are not burdened by the system of rhetorical rules and are better able to create a new and more free world view.

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