Writing is Connecting Thread of Time: Cyrillic or Latin charatcters (the article in the genre of review)

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The article is dedicated to an actual problem of script change, what about has been actively spoken for the last quarter of century in some parts of Russian Federation and Turkic near abroad countries. Script changing system as a scientific problem tends to be difficult complex of questions, which demands comprehensive discussion and interdisciplinary approach. The authors emphasize an importance of seeking the answer to the problem that has been initiation by some of the researchers of script changing system in Kazakh language from Cyrillic to Latin, which may lead to ruinous circumstances for the fortunes of society, intergenerational links, nonstop development and succession of cultural inheritance, knowledge. The main attention is being paid to the research and appreciation of monographic research of the famous linguist Mahanbet Dzhusupov “Kazakh script: yesterday, today, tomorrow (Cyril or Latin)” (2013), with the position of which authors are totally share. The research of monograph work by M. Dzhusupov’s who is not the proponent of the transition to system from Cyril to Latin and moreover who is anticipated with the necessary excursus to the question history and assessment of the problem development state. Further it is given the critical evaluation of separate chapters of the book, also listed the facts to the benefit of Kazakh language compliance to Cyril customs that admit some particular changes taking into consideration the specificity of this language. Sequentially it is stated the position of the expert in Kazakh language script matters, that is based on the analysis of similarities and differences in conception of alphabet formation in order writing type changes in Kazakhstan as well as in substantiation of inexpediency of in script type changing in highly educated country that has centuries-old traditions. Moreover this article emphasizes deep recognition by M. Dzhusupov of writing importance as the main condition in business proceeding maintenance of national and government unity.

About the authors

U M Bakhtikireeva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: uldanai@mail.ru
The department of Russian language and cross-cultural communication

V S Dvoryashina

Uzbekistan State University of World Languages

Email: terra-dvs@mail.ru
The department of Russian language and literature


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Copyright (c) 2015 Бахтикиреева У.М., Дворяшина В.С.

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