Place and opportunities of small means of information technologies in secondary school

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Further development of a methodical science in many respects they connect with application of modern means of information technologies. Small means of information technologies of educational purpose are scientific and graphic calculators. They have found wide application in practice of training all over the world. To introduce them in domestic system of training it is necessary to keep all the best of the domestic system of training and to arm the teachers and the pupils with new technology, to give the teacher a new technique which will allow to raise quality and a learning efficiency. Use of the calculator in computer science practice will allow to look in another way on small means of information technologies and on the very technologies in general. The calculator, in certain extent can be organically included into each lines of computer science. In a modern school course of computer science the graphic calculator can and should be used alongside with a computer, and to some extent to substitute it at lessons of computer science at schools which are short of computers.

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M S Pomelova

Arzamas state pedagogical institute

Кафедра информатики, теории и методики обучения информатике; Арзамасский государственный педагогических институт; Arzamas state pedagogical institute


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