No 1 (2015)


Quantitative NMR spectroscopy in identification and quality control of drugs and herbal biologically active compositions

Ivlev V.A., Prokop’ev A.S., Kalabin G.A.


The article demonstrates the unique capabilities and prospects of quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the control of the authenticity and quality of drugs and herbal biologically active compositions.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):5-14
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Some characteristics of the alarm call of lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)

Varaksin A.N., Silaeva O.L.


Using the methods of speech analysis there were examined alarm calls of three individuals of lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) belonging to three different populations. In the time domain the voice differences are manifested in prosodic features, such as the mean and variance of the basic tone, as well as the distribution of energy over time. In the spectral range the differences the peculiarities are related to the articulator apparatus, they appear in the different formant tracks movements relative to each other. Common features include. The similarity of the basic tone trajectory change, when up to 300 period, the trend of its increasing is saved, followed by a slight decline, and before the end of the signal rise again. Location of the first formant approximately on the same frequency. The similarity of movement of formant tracks. Stability of the first formant. However, to draw final conclusions on the individual, geographical and species-specific signal characteristics need a lot more statistics than there is for the moment.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):15-23
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Fluorescence analysis of influence of impaction of electric fields from thunderlightings to the state of plant’s photosynthesis

Orekhov D.I., Kalabin G.A., Makalsky L.M.


In the article are considered the study of fundamental changes in the parameters of fluorescence (TRo/RC, ETo/RC, DIo/RC, ABS/RC, Fv/Fm и PIabs) of the photosynthetic apparatus of trees (birch, fir) in conditions of electric lighting’s fields and of electric fields like in nature but making by technology. The content of article focuses on the monitoring of stress in the different environmentsand uses analysis by JIP-test, the light curves and non-photochemical quenching, etc. The content of this article will demonstrate the possibility of the technique and will hopefully encourage the development of new uses that are not reported in other articles.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):24-34
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Black alder forests situated in protected natural territories of Moscow

Khoninova E.V., Karpuhina E.A.


Currently, very few sites of the black alder forest are well preserved. One of the main forms of preservation of valuable ecosystems is the organization of protected areas. In this article biodiversity is examined and status is assessed of black alder sites in the natural sanctuary of regional significance in Izmaylovsky Park and in the environs of the “Malinki” biological station.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):35-39
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Surface geometry of erythrocyte in calves of vegetable nutrition

Belova T.A.


The work purpose - to assess the State of cellular composition of erythrocytes in healthy calves of plant nutrition. Object of supervision were 36 healthy calfs of a vegetative food who do not have deviations in the objective status and results of tool and laboratory methods of research which condition has been tracked from 91 days till the end of 12 months of life. The power plant in the calves is the optimal lipid composition of erythrocyte and low levels of lipid peroxidation. In the blood of calves is a lightweight power plant rising level in the blood of reversibly and irreversibly altered red blood cells with a slight decrease indiscocyteforms of red blood cells. At calfs of a vegetative food it is noticed necessary for the given stage ontogenesis high level of liquid properties of the blood, providing optimum degree perfusion an internal that substantially supports level of a metabolism necessary for an organism in fabrics, promoting the further growth and development of an animal.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):40-44
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Vascular hemostasis in adult male rats

Makurina O.N.


State control of the vascular wall on haemostasis in adulthood significantly defines many functions of fauna throughout ontogeny, laying the foundations for his longevity. In spite of a high scientific and practical significance of Hemostatic activity of the vascular wall in adult rats, its features were investigated inadequately, dictating the need to plan and carry out the study. In a survey of 35 healthy male rats showed low content in their blood the number of product peroxide oxidation of high activity antioxidant capacity of plasma. For healthy male is characterized by a low level of endotheliazitemia, combined with a high level synthesis in the vascular wall substances with antiaggregatory activity antitrombin III and tissue plasminogen activators.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):45-49
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Assessment of toxicity and environmental hazards of raw materials and feed containing mycotoxins

Mazygula E.D., Kharlamova M.D.


This article analyzes the samples of the raw materials for animal feed and animal feed itself received from the two companies. This paper describes the most likely types of effects mycotoxins (T-2 toxin, HT-2 toxin) on humans and animals. It also evaluates the damage possibility that results from the usage of the tested raw materials and animal feed.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):50-56
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The sewage sludge is a source of metals’ translocation into agricultural plants

Sviridenko D.G., Balanova O.J., Kulieva G.A., Prokipchina A.N., Savosina E.A.


It was analyzed the data of dewatered sewage sludge use as fertilizer on podzolic soil. The new fertilizer SUPRODIT-M is the most effective method of soil sludge urgent water’s utilization. It reduces translocation of heavy metals into the crops.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):57-60
pages 57-60 views

The sewage sludge is a source of metals’ translocation into agricultural plants

Sviridenko D.G., Balanova O.J., Kulieva G.A., Prokipchina A.N., Savosina E.A.


It was analyzed the data of use of complex organic mineral fertilizer SUPRODIT on gray forest soils for growing crops. It is shown that the use of the new complex organic mineral fertilizer prolonged action SUPRODIT reduces the flow Cd in the grain and is the most effective fertilizer for green agriculture.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):61-67
pages 61-67 views

The integrated development features of children living in zones of ecological trouble

Shibkova D.Z., Semenova M.V., Shibkov A.A.


Intense anthropogenic pollution remains is a serious problem of many industrial cities in industrialized countries, in connection with theincreasing information on the deterioration of the health status of the population, especially children's population. The article describes the problem of staying in environmentally disadvantaged areas of the Russian Federation, and itsimpact on the health and development of the children of school age. In conclusion, it is noted that for preserving the health of school-aged children in an environment with high anthropogenic pressures are especially significant thedevelopmentofsocial-hygienic monitoring on the basis of the system approach, thedevelopmentofprenosological diagnostics and physiologically adequate organization of the educational environment.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):68-77
pages 68-77 views

On the enviromental risk of developing pathology of the gastrointestinal tract in the conditions of intensive use of insecticides among children Kursk region

Korolev V.A., Lyashev J.D., Kirishcheva N.E., Gribach I.V.


This paper presents an assessment of the use of insecticides in agricultural production Kursk region. Studied territorial load dominant insecticides in crop complex region for the period 2006-2010. Ranging of the region in terms of territorial load insecticides. Assessed indicators of relative environmental risk of formation of pathology of the gastrointestinal tract of the child population of the Kursk region in the intensive use of insecticides. Environmentally sensitive identified pathologies such as peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and duodenitis, functional bowel disorders, gall bladder and bile ducts.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):78-85
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Influence of environmental factors on the psychoemotional condition of schoolboys of middle classes of the capital megalopolis

Danacheva M.N., Shastun S.A.


Article is devoted to studying to impact of complex factors of environment mega polis on a psycho-emotional condition of the Moscow schoolboys of middle classes. On selection of 233 schoolboys of two Moscow schools it was revealed that uneasiness level (the personal and situational. It was significantly higher at schoolboys of middle classes living in ecologically adverse district (South-East) in comparison with schoolboys of middle classes living in the ecologically favorable (South-West). Together with it research showed that on uneasiness of schoolboys of middle classes besides ecological factors significant influence make also the social environment. It is thus important to note that in ecologically adverse territories the favorable social environment reduced teenage uneasiness, and a favorable state ecologically Wednesdays leveled negative impact of the adverse social environment.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):86-91
pages 86-91 views

The ecology-psychophysiological features of nonresident first-year students adaptation in the conditions of the capital megalopolis

Glebov V.V., Kuzmina Y.V.


In work data of comparative research ecological and physiological features of nonresident students’ adaptation processes in the conditions of the capital megalopolis are submitted. On selection of 189 entrants of PFUR and Lomonosov Moscow State University who arrived from different regions of Russia (Central, Volga, North Caucasian and Siberian Federal Districts) complex research a condition of the psychoemotional sphere and functional work of cardiovascular system is conducted. It is revealed that the worst condition of adaptation processes appeared at first-year students from the Volga and North Caucasian federal districts and Moscow area. Average position in adaptation to new environment was reached by nonresident students from Siberian Federal District. The most optimum indicators in adaptation to the capital megalopolis were recorded at nonresident students from Central Federal District.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):92-98
pages 92-98 views

Psychological and physiological aspects of the stressful condition of students

Kuryasev I.A.


Psychological and psychophysiological aspects of a stress condition of students are considered. On selection ( n = 145) of students of ecological faculty of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) research on identification a stress of factors of environment and their influence on uneasiness a condition of students is conducted. It is revealed that personal and situational uneasiness grows with first on the second year, on a third year it decreases and again grows on the final fourth year. The analysis of biographical particulars of students of ecological faculty ofPFUR showed that the most widespread spoksoby fight against a stress are music listening, activity in the virtual world (various social networks of the Internet), short circuit in itself.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):99-103
pages 99-103 views

Influence of the educational environment on the stressful tension of students of different gender accessory

Pitkevich M.Y., Arakelov G.G.


In work empirical data of own researches on studying of influence of the educational environment factors on the stressful tension of students of different gender accessory are submitted. On research selection of 133 students (52 young men and 81 girls) of the first course of different faculties of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russian and the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University of factors of the social environment influencing a psycho emotional state and uneasiness level are studied a stress. It is revealed that factors of educational process have a miscellaneous of impact on sexual structure of studied selection. It is noted that stressful influence is shown among girls at whom higher than a percent of occurrence of a disturbing state and stressful tension is revealed significantly above.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):104-109
pages 104-109 views

The ecologist-economic development and the health population state’ of the republic Vietnam

Nguyen Vu Hoang Phuong -., Cernyshov V.I.


Article is devoted to studying of ecological and economic development of the country and a state of health of the population of the Republic Vietnam. It is shown that growth of number of manufacturing enterprises of the different sizes and capacities has essential impact on an ecological condition of the country. It is noted that anthropogenous nature of economic activity in the different large industrial cities (Hanoi, Hayfong, Gue, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh) the countries causes damage of environment. As a result, growth of diseases of the population and child mortality is noted.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):110-116
pages 110-116 views

Dynamics of greenhouse gasses' emissions in the countries of the world

Kurbatova A.I., Tarko A.M.


In article are researched growth rates of greenhouse gases of the Kyoto Protocol for the last decades, dynamics of world power parameters, is defined the contribution of the different countries to the general emission of greenhouse gases.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):117-123
pages 117-123 views

Preservation of mangrove forests in conditions of intensive development of the Dong Nai river waterworks system

Chinh Le Cong -., Nekrasova M.A., Bolgov M.V.


The mangrove ecosystems' tolerance to the impact of the natural and anthropogenic environmental factors is defined mostly by a number of tree plants' adjustments, and also by their ability to dominate the process of forming biogenous mangrove coastlines. The article reveals how the climate warming and the sea and fresh water balance change as a result of waterworks system development in the Dong Nai river basin impacts the stability of mangrove forests.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):124-131
pages 124-131 views

Reconstruction of the paleoecological changes in the Western Sahara during the early holocene period

Lebedeva A.V.


The objective of this study is to understand the past environmental changes in the Western Sahara, Morocco, from fossil pollen assemblages. In order to reconstruct the climate and vegetation in this area during the late Holocene, a coring of 450 cm was collected from Sebkha Imlily. The fossil record covers the last 4500 years. The pollen content of 23 samples was extracted from this coring and analyzed using a light microscopy. Palynological data allowed to estimate the presence and abundance of different plant taxa such as Artemisia and Chenopodiaceae. In order to use these two taxa, which are strongly present in the pollen data, to reconstruct past changes was used the following ratio: Artemisia / ( Chenopodiaceae + Artemisia ), which allowed to assess the variability of aridity in the Sebkha. This ratio translates the degree of local aridity which allowed to state that there are significant changes in the available moisture in the study site and significant environmental changes during the Holocene. These changes suggest that the late Holocene climate in the Sahara was probably quite unstable.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2015;(1):132-136
pages 132-136 views

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