Antroponymical Elements in the Structure of Toponyms


The toponyms derived from the names are a special group of geographical terms. These antropotoponyms informed that geographical object belongs to definite person or are called by the name of person who placed that place first. The antroponymical elements like bay, bek, bergen, biybi, biyke, gul, jan, zada, murat, nazar, niyaz , take part in the structure of the karakalpak names. In this article these components of antropotoponyms were learned and given antropotoponyms Chimbay region, in which structure there are elements bаy, bek, bergen, biybi, gul, nazar, niyaz, murat, khan . As part of antropotoponyms of this territory these elements are used productively. They are found as part of antropotoponyms first or second component. Also, these elements of anthroponymic (bay, beg, bergen, nazar, niyaz, gul), fold together to form anthroponomy (Bekbay, Beknazar). The system of regional toponymy as part of the names are similar to the above characteristic originality. They are exemplified in local names.

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Genjebay Matjanovich Abishov

Karakalpak state university named after Berdakh

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