CPRF and CPSU: Problems of Historical Continuity and Search for New Political Identity (1991–2012)

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  • Authors: Nikolenko K.D.
  • Issue: No 4 (2013)
  • Pages: 85-97
  • Section: ARTICLES
  • URL: http://journals.rudn.ru/russian-history/article/view/3818
  • Retraction date: 27.11.2017
  • Retraction reasons description:

    The reason for the article retraction is redundant publication:  Nicolenco K.D. CPSU and CPRF: the problems of continuity and findins new political identity of the modern Russia.  Review of Political Science, no. 3 (2013): 137−148.

    This article has been retracted (i.e. withdrawn from the press) by the editor (Minutes of a Meeting of the editorial board of the Journal № 3 held on 27 November, 2017) with permission of the publisher.


The article considers the degree of ideological continuity between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The author points out a number of significant differences between the two parties and formulates the basis of the political identity of the modern Russian Communist Party.

K D Nikolenko

Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences

Email: nikolenkokd@yandex.ru
Centre for Russia's Modern History and Political Science


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