No 4 (2013)


Some Problems of Modern Historical Science

Kozmenko V.M.


The article is devoted to the position of the historical science in Russia after the USSR disintegration up to the present time. The author shows its interconnection with the society, gives comparative analysis of the historical science development in the Soviet period and at present. The author makes conclusions and recommendations for further development of the historical science priorities according to the 21 st century pressing demands.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):5-12
pages 5-12 views

S.Yu. Witte's Customs Policy and Regulation of State Import of Industrial Equipment

Petrov A.Y., Titov K.V.


The article considers state import of industrial equipment in the context of the customs regulation of Russia’s foreign trade under S.Yu. Witte as the Minister of Finance (1892–1903). The analysis of archival data reveals the motives which drove various ministries of the Russian empire when they gave preference to foreign producers rather than domestic ones. In the 1890s the Ministry of Finance, on the one hand, and other ministries, on the other hand, were debating the necessity of orders for foreign industrial equipment made by the Russian governmental bodies. The article studies the course and results of this interdepartmental struggle.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):13-21
pages 13-21 views

Early Rehabilitation of Great Terror in 1939–1941: Intentions and Results

Bordyugov G.A.


The article analyzes the early attempts of the Stalin regime to investigate the cases of «breaking the socialist law» in 1937–1938. On the basis of the documents of central and local archives, the author examines the methods of this process, its scope, participants as well as the reasons for its abandoning.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):22-30
pages 22-30 views

Projects of «Eternal Peace» and «European Union» in Foreign Po-licy of Russia in First Quarter of 20 th Century

Chernov A.V.


The article deals with the projects of «eternal peace» and «European union», developed by the Russian government in the first quarter of the 20 th century. The author reveals their interconnection and their influence on the foreign policy of Russia and international relations on the whole and analyzes the main reasons that prevented the realization of the projects.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):31-39
pages 31-39 views

Formation of Bayan-Aul District of Middle Juz

Makisheva A.T.


The article is devoted to the issue en the first third of the XIX century of the Bayan-Aul district formation on the territory of Middle Juz, which consisted of Kazakh tribal associations of the Central and North-East Kazakhstan.On the basis of archival materials the author analyzes the events related to this historical process.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):40-45
pages 40-45 views

International Aspects and National Interests in USSR and Russian Federation: Milestones of State Policy

Tsai V.I.


The article analyzes the principal directions of international and national aspects in the USSR and the Russian Federation in a specific context. The extensive factual material demonstrates the need for international and patriotic education of Russian citizens after the USSR disintegration and the CIS formation in the face of the aggravating international relations, particularly in the Russian Federation. In this regard, the author makes the necessary conclusions and recommendations of great practical interest for the modern national policy of Russia.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):46-53
pages 46-53 views

State as Organizer of Commercial Education in Pre-revolutio-nary Russia: Institutional Arrangement

Bessolitsyn A.A.


The article is devoted to the process of the formation of the commercial education system in pre-revolutionary Russia. The author pays special attention to the role of the state as the organizer of the commercial education responsible for the institutional arrangement of this process at the turn of the 20 th century.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):54-66
pages 54-66 views

Foundation of Russian Technological Society

Ryzhov S.D.


The article is devoted to the foundation of the Russian Technological Society (RTS). The author analyzes the premises and conditions of its foundation, characterizes its role in the development of education, science, technology and industry of the country. There is emphasized the importance of this society for interconnection between science and practice.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):67-73
pages 67-73 views

L.D. Trotsky and Activity of Research and Technology Division of USSR Supreme Council of National Economy in mid-1920s

Isaevitch Y.G.


The article considers the activities of L.D. Trotsky as the head of the Research and Technology Division of the Supreme Council of National Economy of the USSR in 1925–1926. The author uses archival documents from the Fund of the Russian State Archive of Economy, documents from the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History and other sources. There is analyzed L.D. Trotsky’s contribution to the development of applied science in the USSR.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):74-84
pages 74-84 views

CPRF and CPSU: Problems of Historical Continuity and Search for New Political Identity (1991–2012)

Nikolenko K.D.


The article considers the degree of ideological continuity between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The author points out a number of significant differences between the two parties and formulates the basis of the political identity of the modern Russian Communist Party.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):85-97
pages 85-97 views

Culinary Contests in Periodicals as Reflection of Russians’ Everyday Life in Conditions of Modern Economic Reforms

Popova O.D.


The article is devoted to the analysis of publications of culinary recipes contests in various periodicals. They demonstrate the specificity of Russians’ everyday life in conditions of economic reforms in the country. The published recipes reflect the dynamics of the socio-economic life of the population. These publications demonstrate various ways of doing housekeeping in conditions of the changing economic situation, which influenced the peculiarities of cooking food.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):98-111
pages 98-111 views

Image of «Economic Miracle of Taiwan» in Perception of Russian Society in 1990s

Petrov D.I.


This article examines the formation process of the image of Taiwan that was developed in the public opinion in Russia in 1991–2000. This image has become the base for the future Russian-Taiwanese economic and trade relations. In that period the stereotypes of Taiwan that appeared in the Soviet times underwent fundamental changes, and there appeared a new concept of «economic miracle of Taiwan». This completely different image of Taiwan greatly influenced the economic ties between Russia and Taiwan, and it was considered to be the most suitable model for the Russian economic development.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):112-120
pages 112-120 views

Participation of Ukraine in EU «Eastern Partnership» Program and Position of Russia

Kurylev K.P.


The article deals with the problem of Ukraine participation in the «Eastern Partnership» program of the EU. The author considers such conceptual and practical issues as: compliance of the goals of Ukraine’s participation with its national interests; to what extent this program responds to the challenges which the EU faces in the context of ensuring security in Europe; whether through such projects as «the Eastern partnership» the EU policy of the cooperation intensification with the former Soviet republics causes the formation of new dividing lines in Europe.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):121-135
pages 121-135 views

Russia-Kazakhstan Border Cooperation and its Impact on Two States’ Economic Security

Sagindikov R.E.


The article demonstrates that the 20-year history of the Russia-Kazakhstan border cooperation is related to many areas: migration of citizens, the longest border in the post-Soviet region, drug trafficking, high level of conflict in the border regions, the outflow of the local population of Kazakhstan to the border regions of Russia, the legal regulation of cross-border cooperation between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, etc. In this regard, the author comes to the conclusions focused on further stabilizing of the Russia-Kazakhstan border cooperation.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):136-141
pages 136-141 views

Dissertation Council D 212.303.03 in Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in 1st half of 2013

Koz'menko V.M., Kryazheva-Kartseva E.V.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):142-145
pages 142-145 views

Foreign Archival Rossika: Materials for Annotated Index of Articles from Russian Journals and Current Periodicals (2012)

Sabennikova I.V., Gentshke V.L.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2013;(4):146-164
pages 146-164 views

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