Early Rehabilitation of Great Terror in 1939–1941: Intentions and Results

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  • Authors: Bordyugov G.A.
  • Issue: No 4 (2013)
  • Pages: 22-30
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  • URL: http://journals.rudn.ru/russian-history/article/view/3811
  • Retraction date: 27.11.2017
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    The reason for the article retraction is excessive self-citation from source:  Yunge M., Bordyugov G., Binner R. Vertikal’ bol’shogo error. Istoriya operatsii po prikazu NKVD № 00447. Moscow: Novyi khronograf  Publ., 2008.

    This article has been retracted (i.e. withdrawn from the press) on the initiative of the author by the editor (Minutes of a Meeting of the editorial board of the Journal № 3 held on 27 November, 2017) with permission of the publisher.


The article analyzes the early attempts of the Stalin regime to investigate the cases of «breaking the socialist law» in 1937–1938. On the basis of the documents of central and local archives, the author examines the methods of this process, its scope, participants as well as the reasons for its abandoning.

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