Cross-Cultural Features of Perception and Understanding of the Film Avatar (by the Example of Russian, American and Chinese Students)

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The article analyzes the results of the studies of the peculiarities of the perception of the movie Avatar by persons residing in the USA, Russia, China. The common and specific features were revealed. The common features include the positive attitude of the respondents to the movie. The specific features include the differences in the perception of the main message of the movie, in the interpretation of the plot of the film, in the evaluation of special effects, in the identification of the movie with the real life events.

About the authors

A Strokanov

Lyndon State College

Lyndon State College

D Rogers

Lyndon State College

Email: <>
Lyndon State College

S Barclay

Lyndon State College

Email: <>
Lyndon State College

S Yu Zhdanova

Perm State University

Email: <>
Кафедра психологии развития; Пермский государственный университет; Perm State University




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