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Russian Journal of Linguistics

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Tatiana Larina, PhD (Philology), Professor

Indexation: Russian Science Citation Index, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, WorldCat, East View

Open Access & Publication frequency: Green Open Access; quarterly publishing.

Peer-Review & APC: double blind; no article processing charge.

ISSN: 2312-9182 (Print) ISSN: 2312-9212 (Online) Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta družby narodov. Seriâ Lingvistika

Parallel title: Bulletin of Russian Peoples’ Friendship University. Series Linguistics

The recommended name of the journal in transliteration from Russian into the Roman alphabet: Vestnik Rossiiskogo universiteta druzhby narodov. Seriya: Lingvistika

PUBLISHER: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)

The Russian Journal of Linguistics is a peer-reviewed international academic journal publishing research in Linguistics and related fields. It is international with regard to its editorial board, contributing authors and thematic foci of publications.

The aims of the journal:

  • to promote scholarly exchange and cooperation among Russian and international linguists and specialists in all subfield of linguistics;
  • to disseminate theoretically grounded research and advance knowledge pertaining to the field of linguistics developed both in Russia and abroad;
  • to publish results of original research on a broad range of interdisciplinary issues relating to language, culture, cognition and communication;
  • to promote the development and understanding of language use in different sociocultural contexts.

The journal covers functional and socio-cognitive aspects of different languages and publishes a wide range of interdisciplinary studies that focus on the effect of sociocultural contexts on language development and use. This special approach allows the editors to publish research from a broad range of different linguistics subfields such as language and culture, comparative linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, intercultural communication, theory and practice of translation.

A distinctive feature of the journal is regular thematic issues devoted to the most significant linguistic problems. Invited co-editors of such issues can be both Russian and international scholars. A diverse and deep study of the ambiguous problems of linguistics by scholars from different countries and various linguistic schools contributes to the clarification of positions on contentious issues and the development of optimal research principles.

In addition to research articles, the journal welcomes book reviews, literature overviews, conference reports and research project announcements.



Russian Journal of Linguistics, Конференция "Жизнь Языка в культуре и социуме 6"


Мы продолжаем расширять свою аудиторию: главный редактор журнала "Вестник Рудн. Серия: Лингвистика" Татьяна Викторовна Ларина на конференции  "Жизнь Языка в культуре и социуме 6", РУДН, 26 мая 2017

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Posted: 2017-05-27

IV Международная научно-практическая конференция "Актуальные проблемы современного языкового образования в вузе: вопросы теории языка и методики обучения"

18-20 мая в г. Коломна состоялась 
IV Международная научно-практическая конференция 
"Актуальные проблемы современного языкового образования в вузе: вопросы
теории языка и методики обучения" (18-20 мая 2017), которая проводилась
Национальным обществом прикладной лингвистики (НОПриЛ), и Государственным социально-гуманитарным университетом. В рамках мероприятия главный редактор журнала Вестник Рудн. Серия: Лингвистика Т.В. Ларина представила вниманию коллег международные тематические номера серии. 
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Posted: 2017-05-27

The international conference 8 Lodz Symposium on New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics


Dear Colleagues!
Tatiana Larina, Editor-in-Chief of Russian Journal of Linguistics is participating in the international conference 8 Lodz Symposium on New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics (NDLP 2017) at University of Lodz, Poland, 15-17 May 2017. Follow the news on our site.

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Posted: 2017-05-27
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Current Issue

Vol 21, No 2 (2017)

“A Mirror in which Everyone Displays their Image”: Identity Construction in Discourse
Leontovich O.A.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):247-259
Transnationalism as an Index to Construct European Identities: an Analysis of ‘Transeuropean’ Discourses
Zappettini F.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):260-281
Exploring the Intercultural Identity of Slovak-Roma Schoolchildren in the UK
Hryniewicz L., Dewaele J.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):282-304
Discursive functions of Japanese Personal Pronouns
Oishi E.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):305-319
Narratives about Displacement and Stigmatization of Identities
de Oliveira M.C., Lisboa C.M.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):320-334
“A Significant Part of an Insignificant Identity”: the Re-Articulation of North-East Scots between Tradition and Globalization
Loester B.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):335-347
Cultivation of Communicative Space: Polemical Eloquence vs. Epideictic Eloquence
Khazagerov G.G.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):348-361
Text as an Element of Integrative Scientific Space
Schirova I.A.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):362-378
Redefining Neutrality in Language and Discourse
Konurbaev M.E.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):379-389
A Discourse-Based View in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Fictional Text Analysis
Sousa A.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):390-404
“Promise” as Speech Behavior Pattern: Method of Contrastive Analysis (Based on Russian and German Languages)
Kotorova E.G.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):405-423
Logoepistems in Creolised Texts of Internet Discourse
Gladkaya N.V.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):424-437
Review of Marklen E. Konurbaev (2016) The Style and Timbre of English Speech and Literature. Palgrave MacMillan
Rimmer W.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):438-440
International Conference on Language and Emotion, Madrid, Spain, 23-25 November, 2016
Santamaría-García C., Ferrer-Revull D.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):441-445
The Fifth Liberal Arts International Conference: Reinventing Ourselves: Innovation and the Liberal Arts, Doha, Qatar, 29-31 January 2017
Kurteš S., Eslami Z.R.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):446-450
O.A. Krylova (1937-2017)
- -.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(2):451-454