The Structural Features of Substantive-Nominative Proposemes

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The article is devoted to to the mental representation of grammatical structures, namely to the ‎structural analysis analysis of substantive-nominative proposemes that is to the Compound ‎proposemes, composing the main and the subordinate predicative clauses and proposemes-‎balances, composing two subordinate clauses - subject and predicative. The material for the ‎research are substantive-nominative proposemes taken from the works of British and American ‎writers of the XX century. In the work the definitional analysis, the classification method and ‎the modeling method of structural-functional analysis, the method of linguistic observation, the ‎descriptive and analytical method were used. The results of the research showed that the ‎analyzed proposemes can be treated, first. as the constructions of primary syntactic position ‎which, in the functional plan, are substantive-nominative, secondly, monolithic - on the degree of ‎intensity of connection between their clauses and, thirdly, from a logic-cognitive point of view - ‎monomial, expressing one difficult judgment with the event nature of an objectivization of ‎thought.‎

About the authors

Elena A Petrova

Ufa Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Department of Foreign аnd Russiаn lаnguаges


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