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Russian Journal of Linguistics

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Tatiana Larina, PhD (Philology), Professor

Indexation: Russian Science Citation Index, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, WorldCat.

Open Access & Publication frequency: Green Open Access; quarterly publishing.

Peer-Review & APC: double blind; no article processing charge.

ISSN: 2312-9182 (Print) ISSN: 2312-9212 (Online) 

Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta družby narodov. Seriâ Lingvistika

Parallel title: Bulletin of Russian Peoples’ Friendship University. Series Linguistics

Russian Journal of Linguistics is a peer-reviewed international academic journal publishing research in Linguistics. It is international with regard to its editorial board, contributing authors and thematic foci of the publications.

The goal of the journal is to promote scholarly exchange and cooperation among Russian and international linguists, disseminate theoretically grounded research, and advance knowledge in a broad range of interdisciplinary issues pertaining to the field of Linguistics. The editors aim to publish original research devoted to language, culture and cognition and give emphasis to comparative studies of languages, intercultural communication, pragmatics, discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, and translation.

Contributions to the journal should show awareness of current research trends in these areas, and explore their implications. Methodologies for data collection and analysis can be quantitative or qualitative, and must be grounded in Linguistic practices in this area.

As a Russian journal with an international character, the journal also welcomes articles that advance research in relevant intercultural/linguistic themes, and/or explore the implications of intercultural issues in communication generally.

In addition to research articles the journal also welcomes book reviews, literature overviews, conference reports and research project announcements. The editors are open to thematic issue initiatives with guest editors.



Вестник Российского университета дружбы народов. Серия: Лингвистика. 2017. Т. 21. №1. Дискурс анализ в 21 веке: теория и практика (II) Russian Journal of Linguistics, 2017, 21 (1). Discourse Analysis in the 21st Century: theory and practice (II)


Вестник Российского университета дружбы народов. Серия: Лингвистика. 2017. Т. 21. №1. Дискурс анализ в 21 веке: теория и практика (II)

Russian Journal of Linguistics, 2017, 21 (1). Discourse Analysis in the 21st Century: theory and practice (II)

Posted: 2017-02-12
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Current Issue

Vol 21, No 1 (2017)

Discourse Analysis in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice (II)
Ponton D.M., Larina T.V.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):7-21
The Discourse Semantics of Attitudinal Relations: Continuing the Study of Lexis
Martin J.R.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):22-47
Metaphor and Grammar in the Poetic Representation of Nature
Goatly A.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):48-72
Metapragmatics of Administering Justice in Russian and English Judicial Discourse
Dubrovskaya T.V.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):73-90
Discourse Motivations of Mental Construal and the Expression of Stance in Speech: A Case Study of English
Khrisonopulo E.Y.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):91-104
Shopping as ‘Best Practice’ - Analyzing Walmart’s Debated Sustainability Policies
Abbamonte L., Cavaliere F.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):105-125
“The Twenty Percent Solution”: The Concept of Social Capital through the New Words in English Business Discourse at the Turn of the 21st Century
Galchuk L.M.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):126-140
Commencement Speech as a Hybrid Polydiscursive Practice
Ivanova S.V.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):141-160
Exploring Rhetorical-Discursive Practices of Rouhani’s Presidential Campaign and Victory of his Prudence-and-Hope Key: a Discourse of Persuasion
Mirzaei A., Eslami Z.R., Safari F.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):161-182
Towards a New Linguistic Model for Detecting Political Lies
El-Zawawy A.M.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):183-202
Media Discourse in an Atmosphere of Information Warfare: From Manipulation to Aggression
Ozyumenko V.I.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):203-220
Review of E.N. Remchukova, A.V. Strakhova (2016). Advertising through the Looking-Glass in Russia and France. Linguocreative and Gender Aspects. 216 p. Moscow: URSS Publisher
Zirka V.V.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):221-223
Russian Conference “Discourse Study: Opportunities of Interpreation of Humanities Knowledge”, Yalta, 28-29 September, 2016
Sinelnikova L.N.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):224-229
The IId International Conference “The Universal and the Unique in Linguistic Worldview”, Minsk, 14-15 October 2016
Lapteva N.E., Furashova N.V.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):230-232
The Ist International Conference “Language. Culture. Communication: Studying and Teaching”, Orel, 13-15 October 2016
Vashchekina T.V., Abakumova O.B.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2017;21(1):233-237