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Lagashina, N I, Moscow City Pedagogical University
Lapchik, M P, Omsk state pedagogical university
Lavonen Jari, -, University of Helsinki
Laypanova, M S, <p>Karachay-Cherkess state university named after U.D. Aliyev</p>
Laypanova, M S, <p>Karachay-Cherkess state university of name U.D. Aliyeva</p>
Lebedev, V V, The Moscow pedagogical state university
Lesnikov, S V, Syktyvkar state university
Levchenko, A E, Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov
Levchenko, I V, <p>Moscow City Pedagogical University</p>
Levchenko, I V, Moscow City Pedagogical University
Levchenko, I V, The Moscow city pedagogical university
Levchenko, Irina Vital’evna, <p>Moscow city pedagogical university</p>
Lezhnina, M V, Mari state university
Lezina, T A, Saint Petersburg State University
Li, O V, Moscow pedagogical state university
Livete, V S, Moscow city pedagogical university
Loktionova, N N, Kursk state University
Lomasko, P Sergeevich, Krasnoyarsk state pedagogical universitynamed after Victor Astafiev
Lozhakova, E A, The Tula state pedagogical university of L.N. Tolstoy
Lozhakova, E A, Tula State Pedagogical University named after. L.N. Tolstoy
Lukin, D V, Russian state agricultural correspondence university
Lukin, V V, State university of management
Lukin, V V, The Balashihinsky working center of employment of the population
Lukina, L A, The Ulyanovsk state pedagogical named after I.N. Ulyanov
Lukyanova, E A, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Lvova, O V, <p>Moscow City University</p>
Lvova, O V, Moscow city pedagogical university
Lvova, O V, The Moscow city pedagogical university
Lvova, Olga Vladimirovna, <p>Moscow City Pedagogical University</p>
Lyubimova, E A, Department of municipal service and personnel administrations of the city district Balashikha
Lyubvin, I N, <p>School No. 224</p>
L’vova, O V, <p>Moscow city pedagogical university</p>

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