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The article draws attention to the fact that the teacher in the course of constructing the course of the subject there is a need for systematization and structuring of the system of concepts of the academic subject, which is the basis of the future course. The choice of the system of concepts and ways to represent it depends on the period of the course and the cognitive abilities of the students. The presentation of a system of concepts in the form of infographics can help a teacher to develop a training course faster and more efficiently, and to teach it to his students. Beautiful clear graphs and diagrams are better perceived and remembered. And modern information technology allows you to create and share knowledge and research results in a spectacular, long- remembered form. And we must match time, and moreover, teach children to work with information in such a way that it would be desirable to look at it. In the process of such training, the teacher and students are formed interest in the subject, developing visual thinking.

About the authors

A A Mikhayluk

Moscow City Pedagogical University

Author for correspondence.
Sheremetjevskaya str., 29, Moscow, Russia, 127521

graduate student of department of informatics and applied mathematics of institute of mathematics, informatics and natural sciences of the Moscow city pedagogical university


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