No 4 (2010)


Public activity of I.I. Petrunkevich in Chernigov Region (1868-1879)

Kotelnitsky N.A.


The article is dedicated to the public activity of Ivan Illich Petrunkevich in Chernigov region. The author analyses the main manifestations of activity of the outstanding politician in the elective representative public establishments of the province of Chernigov, the Russian Empire, in the 60-70s of 19th century.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):5-24
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«…And still there are lights in front of us»: the reformatory demo-cratism of V. Korolenko

Blokhin V.V.


The article gives a seaway of the social political views of a well known Russian writer V. Korolenko. The author of the article proves that the political doctrine of Korolenko is very close to reformatory democratism of N.K. Mikhailovsky.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):25-37
pages 25-37 views

Nikita Panin and Catherine II: Conceptual aspect of political relations

Bugrov K.D.


The article is devoted to the problems of political relations between Catherine II and one of her most influential statesmen, Nikita Panin. It is based on research of conceptual apparatus which was used by both Catherine and Panin to analyze the character of supreme Imperial power, as well as the principles of its functioning, legitimation and preserving. The main conclusion is that the conflict between these political actors was not of an ideological original, but of personal kind. The failure of Panin's reform program was connected mainly with the specific nature of legitimation of the palace coup that raise Catherine II to the throne in 1762.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):38-52
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Proletkult` ideologeme and Intentions of Soviet Power in 1920s

Grigoryan Y.G.


In article the questions of the Proletkult's formation and organization and its influence on the cultural life of the young Soviet state are analyzed. The author has shown inconsistent making process of the «socialist values», definition of methods of a party management by new proletarian art, search of estimations and criteria of an ideological orientation of products of socialist culture.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):53-61
pages 53-61 views

Lithurgical reform of Patriarch Nikon (1654-1666): anthropological aspect (on material of the correction of Trebnik and Chasoslov)

Sazonova N.I.


Lithurgical reform of the patriarch Nikon is considered in article in aspect of the religious anthropology. The particularities of the influence of the church text are researched on person and shaping by text main aspect religious consciousness. The Author analyses the changes to area of the nature of the understanding the religious truths, liing ahead the person God, soteriology, as well as change relations to religious rite.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):62-74
pages 62-74 views

The clergy and the parishioners in Karelia of 17th century: a case of loan litigation at Shuya pogost of Olonets uyezd

Suslova E.D.


The article is concerned to the investigation of litigation, initiated by deacon of the Olonets district who imposed a penalty on parishioners. The research makes enable to reveal social relations that had place between the clergyman and parish community before and after the conflict. The exploration of the creditor's and debtors' lives and interests gives an opportunity not only to define the clergy's role in the development of the credit system, but to suggest a new conception for local clergy estate formation.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):75-86
pages 75-86 views

Provincial bureaucrats in the first quarter of the 19th century (based on materials of upper Volga region)

Melnikova I.G.


The article is dedicated to official activities of provincial bureaucrats in the first quarter of the 19th century on the example of Upper Volga region. The author analyses the service conditions and routine operations of public servants and reveals specifics of official relations, contemplates the problem of bribery.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):87-102
pages 87-102 views

O.A. Novikova - «unofficial ambassador» of Russia in England

Tretyakova S.N.


The article views contribution which O.A. Novikova made to British-Russian relations. Her London salon in 1870-1890th was visited by many prominent British politics, public leaders and intellectuals. She had as her object to interpret the Russian policy, to acquaint Russia and Britain, to defend autocracy Russia.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):103-118
pages 103-118 views

Ammunition production in the USSR in 20-30 years of 20th century and efficiency of the Red Army in the eve and during of the Great Patriotic War

Balysh A.N.


The role of Ammunition Industry in connection with action variation at the first part of 20th century is analyzed in the present paper. It is studied how the New Economic Policy (NEP) influenced onto the development of ammunition industry and respective branches of heavy industry. For the first time several manufacturing peculiarities of ammunition main elements (by example of ammunition bodies) in the eve of the Great Patriotic War are analyzed on the base of archival documents and the role of these peculiarities in fighting efficiency of the Soviet forces during the Second World War is studied.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):119-127
pages 119-127 views

«No lies - no merchancize?» The problem of deception in the muslim entrepreneurs` business culture of Russian Empire in the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries

Kornoukhova G.G.


The article is devoted to revelation of religious factors of Muslim entrepreneurs` business culture of Russian empire in last 19th - early 20th centuries. The traits of business conduct - like the commerce with spoilage, refusal of bargaining etc. - were exposed for researching of mechanism of that influence in the correlation between system of these Muslim community's values. Also the article reveals the difference in the attitude to representatives of different confessions - Orthodox and Judaic partners.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):128-144
pages 128-144 views

National education as the mechanism of the soviet modernization of Kalmykia (1920-1930s)

Sartikova E.V.


In clause the development of national education not only in itself, but also as the mechanism of the Soviet modernization of Kalmykia is considered. The attempt is made to show characteristic features and principles of the Soviet system of national education.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(4):145-151
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