No 3 (2010)


Criminal exile and problems of beggary in Siberian society in 19th - early 20th century

Katsina T.A.


The author of the article reveals the influence of exiles on development of beggary in Siberia, follows attitude of population to exiles, pays attention to measures taken in the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century by local administration and social organization for extermination or diminution of the above mentioned kind of social pathology. The results of the research give additional opportunities for studies of topics of a similar nature in other regions.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):5-16
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Turkish prisoners of war of 1877-1878 years: the accommodation, the maintenance, the mutual relations with the population of Russian provinces

Samovich A.L.


This article considers one of not enough known plots of domestic history of staying turkish prisoners of war at East (Russian-Turkish) war of 1877-1878 years. Material is based on wide known facts that have allowed touching various points of the questions related to arrangement, the content, so and the attitude to them of inhabitants of the Russian cities and places. Not published earlier archival documents and materials are inlet into a scientific work.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):17-26
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«Clumsy workers protection» or reform of «industrial work»? About realization of the 1886 June 3 low (оn Vladimir region materials)

Glazunov S.R.


The law of the 3 June 1886 realization in Russia, based on the materials of Vladimir region, is presented in this article. Analysis of the factory inspection and the factory region office activity of putting into practice the new regulations of interrelations of the workers and the entrepreneurs is being researched on the basis of the scientific literature, the official documentary data and the materials.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):27-40
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Discussion about principles of lobour organizing in Soviet Russia in 1920

Borisova L.V.


In the article the various points of view on the work organization, stated by heads of the Soviet Russia are analyzed during discussion about militarization and forced labor by spring of 1920.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):41-54
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«Criticism from below» at the enterprises and organizations of the Lower Volga region in the second half of the 20s and in the first half of the 30s of the 20th century

Tyurin A.O.


In the given article such a phenomenon of the Soviet democracy as «self-criticism» is described and analyzed on the basis of archive data. Here it is shown how different groups of citizens realized the «criticism from below» appeal of the government in their everyday life in practice.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):55-67
pages 55-67 views

Aircraft industry workers in evacuation: conditions of life of evacuated plants' workers in 1941-1945

Mukhin M.Y.


The article is devoted to the work of the factories in 1941-1945 in the evacuation. The author analyzes the living conditions of workers in evacuated aviation plants, their daily life, maintenance, etc. The author concludes that in the early years of the War the conditions of life of the aviation industry's workers were very difficult, and the welfare and financial situation improved in 1944, the sure sign of fracture in the Second world war.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):68-85
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«Do not change yourself, Great Russia!..»: specific features of the T. Tutchef's social political conservatism

Linkova E.V.


The article is dedicated to the analysis of T. Tutchef's conservative doctrine, of his attitudes about the nature of statehood of Russia, the role of orthodoxy, the specificity of social development. The author analyzes Tutchef's political views and the factors that determined them.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):86-96
pages 86-96 views

Center or periphery? The system of public administration in Tuva in the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries

Khovalyg S.S.


The article deals with formation and development of the government power system and the management in Tuva in the 19-20th centuries. The state apparatus, the hierarchy of ranks and degrees of distinction of the state posts of Tuva are examined. The creation problems of the organization of the power of Russia in the region are analyzed in this article. In connection with it, in the beginning of the 20th century Tuva was accepted as a protectorate of Russia.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):97-109
pages 97-109 views

«Instrument of Tsar, Land-Lord and Bourgeoisie` Oppression»: Antireligious bases of education in the Soviet school in 1927-1929

Sinelnikov S.P.


The article discusses the content of antireligious education and upbringing in Soviet schools in 1927-1929. Curricula of disciplines (social sciences, literature, geography, natural science) were saturated and filled with antireligious content. Antireligious insertion and comments were quite clear goal - to kill faith in God in the minds of Soviet children, raised generations of atheists. In this paper found that the new communist morality opposed to orthodoxy, religious norms and values. School teacher had to expose the church sacraments, religious ceremonies and festivals, the Christian way of life.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):110-120
pages 110-120 views

Physic in Bashkirian language: national policy in educational sphere during the Soviet Period (in the documents of the Southern Urals)

Almaev R.Z.


The article is based on archival and published sources and analyses the main stages of the national policy of the Soviet State in educational sphere. It also shows quantitative and qualitative changes in the number of schools, teachers and contents of school subjects in non-Russian schools in the Southern Urals. The author studies the problems of teaching Russian in national schools. The study of the experience of teaching mother tongues is very important for developing a national strategy of the Russian State nowadays.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):121-137
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Dissertational council D 212.203.03 in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in the first half of 2010

Koz'menko V.M., Kryazheva-Kartseva E.V.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2010;(3):142-149
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