No 3 (2012)


Unknown Uprising: Kasli Workers' Antibolshevik Uprising in June, 1918

Weber M.I.


The article deals with the uprisings of workers of the Ural region against bolsheviks in June, 1918. The author reconstructs the events of the Kasli uprising on the basis of the archival documents, newspapers and memoirs.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):5-15
pages 5-15 views

Orphanages and «Trudkoloniyas» (Work-houses): «State Children» Life in Soviet Russia in 1920-1930s

Smirnova T.M.


The article analyzes the Soviet way of upbringing the so-called abandoned children (i.e. the children who had no parental custody and were placed to closed children's institutions) in the 1920-1930s. Particular attention is paid to the problems of financing and provision of children's institutions of different jurisdictions, to the upbringing methods of «morally defective» children and juvenile offenders, to the issues of educators' recruitment as well as the effectiveness of their work control by the Soviet and party bodies.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):16-38
pages 16-38 views

Political Education in Everyday Life of Lower Volga Region Citizens in 1930s

Tyurin A.O.


The author describes and analyzes on the archive data base the participation of the Lower Volga region citizens in the political education process. The article shows the attitude of the urban population towards this process and demonstrates the influence of the society ideologization on everyday behavior.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):39-50
pages 39-50 views

In Shadow of Great Brother: Diplomat and Financier N.D. Kiselyov

Yelistratov M.A., Tatarinov S.V.


The author analyzes famous Russian diplomat N.D. Kiselyov's participation in the financial transactions on purchase and sale of French rent in the middle of the 19th century. It is a rare example of Russia crediting of an industrially developed Western European country. It should be noted that all archival documents both in French and Russian used in the article are published for the first time.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):51-70
pages 51-70 views

Import of Agricultural Equipment in Customs Policy of Russia in 1885-1913

Petrov A.Y., Titov K.V.


The article deals with the customs policy of Russia concerning the import of agricultural equipment into the country from 1885, when the customs duties on such equipment were introduced, until the beginning of the First World War. The research has shown that after 1898 the Russian government cancelled the customs duties on certain types of agricultural equipment and at the same time raised additional tariff barrier for other machines, in order to secure the balance of interests between the producers and consumers of agricultural equipment. The article also considers the interdepartmental struggle and public discussion on imposition of customs duties on the imported agricultural equipment.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):71-85
pages 71-85 views

Aircraft Industry Evacuation in 1941

Mukhin M.Y.


The article is devoted to the evacuation process of aircraft plants at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The author considers the issues of the prewar preparation of the evacuation process in general, the specific features of particularly aircraft industry evacuation, the course and results of the practical moves on transferring the production of aircraft industry to the eastern regions of the USSR.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):86-98
pages 86-98 views

China Influence on Material Culture of South Siberia in pre-Mon-gol Period

Barinova E.B.


In the relations between China and nomadic peoples of Siberia, the material and spiritual aspects of culture were perceived in parallel, but the material culture in the contacts was shown more clearly and particularly attracted the neighbours' attention. This manifested itself in the processes of interchange, imitation or borrowing of some features of culture, such as art, crafts, clothing, food, housing, vehicles, etc.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):99-113
pages 99-113 views

Evolution of Ukraine Foreign Policy Priorities in 1991−2011

Kurylev K.P.


The article analyzes the process of formation and evolution of Ukraine foreign policy priorities of the state independent development for 20 years. The current issue is considered on the basis of the analysis of a number of Ukraine doctrines in the field of foreign policy and national security. The author emphasizes the fact that some of the Ukraine foreign policy priorities actually remained unchanged in the course of time, whereas some others were reviewed and corrected.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2012;(3):114-130
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