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The article deals with the problems of historiography of the armed conflict in the Chechen Republic. The activephase of themilitary operationsofthe armed conflictin Chechnyawas completedin2001. At that timehistorians, analysts andjournalists created awide range of theoretical worksconcerningthe conflict.Inthese publications there were discussed a number of commonfeaturesofthe use ofbasicresources. The degree ofaccessibilityof the sourceswhichfocus onthe descriptionof the conflictand itssocio-political assessment is of great importance for researchersand their objectives. The author analyzes Western (European) historiography of the armed conflict in the Chechen Republic. It considers the publications and specialized monographs of European (French, German and Polish) authors on the subjects under research. There areput forward the ideas of the consequences of the armed conflict in the Chechen Republic, articulated in the works of European researchers.For the first time within the study of the Western historiography of the war in Chechnya the author analyzes the main blocks of the supposed and factual consequences of the conflict for both the Russian and Chechen sides. The European historiography, dedicated tothe armed conflictin Chechnya, is just being developedand thestate ofitsdocumentarycomplexis characterized bya number ofqualitative changes.

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N N Malishevsky

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Department of Russian History


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