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The article deals with the issue of the so-called “white” terror during the Izhevsk workers' revolt that was the most powerful rebellion against the Bolsheviks in 1918. The author examines the key points, which originally composed this myth, analyzing the number of the arrested and shot people and examining the main episode, which for many decades proved the terrorist nature of the uprising, and is connected with the fate of peasants Bannikovs from Bolgury village. The significance of the article is that conducting a historiographical analysis, the author bases the study of controversial issues on a solid source base, consisting of materials of central and local archives. The author comes to the conclusion that some of the well-established claims in the national historiography are exaggeration or distortion and others are pure fiction that was created by the Soviet historiography. And these exaggerations, distortions and fictions still exist in modern historiography. The article examines the problem of the origin of these statements and their validity.

About the authors

Evgenij Gennad'evich Renev

Izhevsk State Technical University

Email: egr@idz.ru
Department of Sociology, Psychology and Culture Studies


Copyright (c) 2015 Ренев Е.Г.

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