Review of Poststalinskii period v istorii sovetskogo Kazakhstana: chereda obrechennykh reform i nesostiyavshikhsia deklaratsii (1953-1991 gg.) [The post-Stalinist period in the history of Soviet Kazakhstan: a series of doomed reforms and failed declarations (1953-1991)] by Abylkhozhin, Zh.B. Almaty: KBTU Publ., 2019. 468 p.

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Dina A. Amanzholova

The Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Dr. Habil. Hist., Professor, Chief Researcher

19, Dmitriya Uliyanova Str., Moscow, 117292, Russia


  1. Drobizheva, L.M. “Etnichnost' v obshchestvenno-politicheskikh protsessakh SSSR poslednikh dvukh desyatiletiy.” In Etnicheskiy i religioznyy faktor v formirovanii i evolyutsii rossiyskogo gosudarstva, 332-379. Moscow: Novyy khronograf Publ., 2012 (in Russian)

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