Tatiana G. Stefanenko - an Example of Professionalism, Education, Modesty

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The article is devoted to unforgettable memories of the author’s meetings with an amazing person, Tatiana G. Stefanenko. She was an outstanding scientist whose contribution to Russian Ethnopsychology cannot be overestimated. She played a key role in organizing Smolensk ethnopsychological conferences. However, her interests were by no means limited only to scientific activity - she was fond of painting, music and theater. In addition, Tatiana will be remembered as a kind-hearted, sympathetic, sincere and surprisingly modest person.

About the authors

Valentina V. Gritsenko

Moscow State University of Psychology & Education

Author for correspondence.
Email: gritsenko2006@yandex.ru

Doctor Sc. of Psychology, Full Professor, is Professor at Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Multicultural Education

29 Sretenka St., Moscow, 127051, Russian Federation


  1. Stefanenko, T.G. (2008). Etnicheskoe samosoznanie, etnichnost', etnicheskaya identichnost' – sootnoshenie i soderzhanie ponyatii [Ethnic self-consciousness, ethnicity, ethnic identity – the ratio and content of concepts]. In V.V. Gritsenko (Ed.,) Teoreticheskie Problemy Etnicheskoi i Kross-Kul'turnoi Psikhologii: Conference Proceedings (vol. 2, pp. 172–182). Smolensk: Universum Publ. (In Russ.)
  2. Stefanenko, T.G., & Lipatov, S.A. (2016). About collective perezhivanijah and social emotions. In V.V. Gritsenko (Ed.), Theoretical Problems of Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Psychology: Conference Proceedings (vol. 1, pp. 46–51). Smolensk: Publishing House of the Smolensk University for Humanities. (In Russ.)

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