No 2 (2010)


Extreme Politics: on Some Approaches to the Definition of the Category and Boundaries of the Phenomenon

Anokhin M.G., Grishin O.E.


The article is dedicated to the actual and underdeveloped problem of defining «extreme politics». The authors suppose that «extreme politics» is a special kind of human activities. Extreme politics is defined by the authors as an activity conducted for power in extreme conditions (situations) tied with insufficiency of different resources, lack of time for analysis and long-term prognosis of political situation and political decision-making, deficit of actual information and its free circulation, dominance of authoritative leaders-competitors.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Reshaping the Government of the Modern State

Nisnevich Y.A.


The reorganization of government of the modern state includes idea-philosophical component, based on rejection of etatist approach to destination and role of the state and its replacement with liberal approach; organizational component, based on depolitization and reorganization of peopleware of the state apparatus and structural-technological component, based on decentralization and functional optimization of the structure of state authority, implementation of the principles and methods of management from the private sector of economy to the sphere of state government.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):12-24
pages 12-24 views

Geopolics in Development of Civilizational Theory: in Search for Peace

Kitinov B.U.


In the article the author explores the manifestation of geopolitics in the civilizational theories, how this part of political science has an impact on the interaction of peoples and nations in terms of civilizations' development. It is likelihood, that the tendency of justification of the peaceful alternatives is developing in geopolitics to resolve the contentious issues. The present situation changes the assessment of both: the fundamental basis of this science and its future perspective. Probably the relevant fields of knowledge such as history, religious studies, philosophy will be under the influence of those peacekeeping trends, too.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):25-32
pages 25-32 views

Modernization vs Demodernization as Theoretical-Methodological Aspects of Transformational Process

Krotkov V.O.


In the article is considered domestic transformational process proceeding in social, economic and political spheres, through a prism of the following methodological approaches: theories of modernization and its antipode - demodernization.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):33-42
pages 33-42 views

Interreligious Dialog in Modern Politics

Erdogan O.


The article analyses the origin and current role of interreligious dialog in modern politics. Special attention is paid to different forms of interreligious dialog, milestones of acknowledgement of its significance in politics and connection of communicative function of religion with dialog.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):43-47
pages 43-47 views

The Specific of Political Fundraising

Smolyaninov E.V.


The following study is dedicated to the process of political fundraising as a subject of political science. Through the article one can find the definition of political fundraising and American political scientists' approaches to the analysis of this process. Comparative analysis of political fundraising in the U.S.A. and Russian Federation demonstrates that its' transparency has an important impact on public's control of lobby groups and other shadow political entities.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):48-54
pages 48-54 views

Civil Society: Orientation to Universal and National Values in the Context of Harmonization of Social Relations

Kostuchkov S.V.


In the given article are considered the problems of formation of system of values and priorities in development of a society considering it's historical and ethnosocial features. In the article is shown the role of civil society, as a system of the solidary associations representing interests of citizens before a society and the state and providing realization of humanistic tendencies in spiritual, social and political spheres of public life. The author also analyzes the role of non-governmental organizations as the powerful consolidating factor of society's life, shows possible ways of realization of steady and harmonious development of society in the countries focused on democratic transit.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):55-60
pages 55-60 views

Economic Aspects of Formation of Civil Society Institutes in Post-Soviet Russia: Problems and Perspectives

Kinyakin A.A.


This article is devoted to the consideration of the process of formation and development of institutes of civil society in the context of economic development of post-soviet Russia. The subject of the analysis are the actors, forms and mechanisms of civil activity based on the specifics of economic and political development as well as cultural type of Russia. The article also explores the difficulties of formation of civil society in Russia and examines the perspectives of its further development.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):61-70
pages 61-70 views

«Barriers» in Activities of Informational Structures of Regional Authority

Annikova V.A.


In the given article is considered the current state of informational structures of the authority of regions of the Russian Federation. The author considers Kemerovo region as a case study. This region is representative because nowadays regional authority there became a monolith headed by the governor and its informational departments serve to high ranked officials.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):71-78
pages 71-78 views

Russian Information Agencies Regarding to Activity of the Regional Executive Power (the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

Ivanov A.S.


In the given article the basic nuances of illustration of the highest representatives of executive power of the Republic of Bashkortostan within news feeds of the Russian federal and regional agencies are considered. The research is conducted using technique of content-analysis for each news flow being considered in the project.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):79-90
pages 79-90 views

The Challenges to the Development of Modern Russian Cities and the Problems of Formation of their Positive Image

Bogachev U.A.


The article deals with the problems of development of modern Russian cities. In particular the author mentions questions of formation of positive image of the modern city. The article contains variety of the external factors interfering formation of effective system of municipal management. In the article is carried out the detailed analysis and is also made recommendations about modernization of municipal management for the purpose of formation of positive city image.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):91-98
pages 91-98 views

The Problems of Migration in Moscow and the Possible Ways of their Solution

Ivanova E.A.


The article deals with the problems of immigrants in Moscow. The political and economical situation in the city is tied with successful solution of problems of legalization of migrants' labor, their adaptation, support and assistance to employment. The main goal of the article is to mark the most urgent problems of migrants in Moscow and consider the possible ways of their solution.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):99-104
pages 99-104 views

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RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2010;(2):105-106
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