Russian Civil Society: the Way of the Consolidation

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The author sequentially defends in his publications the necessity to develop national humanities and political sciences, in particular to introduce the authentic category apparatus, to fill it with new content, to enrich what is already done but not to be satisfied with accepting western elaborations. S.G. Il'yinskaya offers to complement existing classification of state regimes with different types of contemporary social system. The division into society of values (procedural, regulated largely by law system methods) and society of an aim (mobilized, regulated largely by voluntarism methods) is developed. The principal idea of the article: we are not the worst and not the best, we are other, and there is no sense to refuse an own identity, not critically changing Russian reality using western patterns since on that way we are doomed to an eternal stamp of underdevelopment. The project of the future is understood by the author as a self-sufficient society of sense that is able to establish new aims, create new values. The main purpose that should be put today by civil society in Russia is to save Russian history.

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S G Il'inskaya

The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Сектор истории политической философии; Институт философии Российской академии наук; The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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