Sino-Russian Relations in the Context of Comparative Cultural Studies

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Culture has a great impact on Sino-Russian relations. There are many important similarities and differences between Chinese and Russian cultures. The cultures of the two countries both appreciate collectivity disregarding individuality. Compared with Russian culture Chinese culture is more secular, reasonable and peaceful. Therefore China is devoted to domestic affairs rather than to foreign expansion, and its foreign policy has defensive nature rather than aggressive. China is more conservative and less bellicose, thus during the reforms China has been seeking stability and was moving more prudently and cautiously. All of those cultural factors in the aggregate will influence the future development of Sino-Russian relations. Although the Sino-Russian relations have been developing smoothly during last decades, there exist some uncertainty and unpredictability in its long-term development.

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- Ma Fanshu

Shandong University

Факультет политологии и управления; Шаньдунский Университет; Shandong University


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