International Educational Programs as an Instrument of Soft Power and Building Dialogue between States. Interview with Dario Battistella, Director for Research of Sciences Po Bordeaux (France)

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Dario Battistella is a classic of French and European political science and the theory of international relations, the author of fundamental «Theory of International Relations», which has been reprinted six times since its first publication in 1981. D. Battistella is also the author of «Return from the State of War» (2006), «One-Dimensional Peace» (2011), «War and Peace in the 21st Century» (2011). Professor Battistella has worked in the leading universities: Science Po Paris, Graduate School of Social Sciences in Paris (EHESS), University of Sherbrooke (Quebec), University of Colorado (USA), University of Laval (Quebec). Since 2017, Dario Battistella is the Director of Research at the Institute for Political Studies in Bordeaux, he teaches political science and theory of international relations. In 2020 QS Top Universities Raitings named Sciences Po third best political science higher school in the World. In this interview, Dario Battistella talks about the role of international educational programs in establishing of political dialogue between states, French-Russian relations, the importance of internationalizing education to solve global problems, and also shares experience in implementing a joint master's program in European political studies with RUDN University.

About the authors

Dario Battistella

Sciences Po Bordeaux

Author for correspondence.

Director of Research, Professor of the Universities

11 Allée Ausone, Pessac, 33607, France


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