Great Patriotic War in School Literature: Features of Political Socialization of Students


The author of article reviews relevant setbacks of modern school education. Russian youth faces a «dissolution of history» due to gaps in school subjects, where historical events and individuals are losing their significance, but which was mentioned in soviet school program. Author underlines that new studying courses limit the list of authors and their works, which truly reflect a picture of Great Patriotic War. Moreover, digital technologies are filling up kids and youth’s spare time, that is why historical and fictional works are being replaced away. The author of article focuses on Russian and foreign contemporary movies as well, which have played its role in creating “historical content” in knowledge of youth. Nowadays, modern movies are replacing wartime and historical literature because of its interactive and dramatic form of impact, and for some time its fake facts, which are more acceptable for screenplays and have more commercial success. Author concludes that modern school program is needed to be corrected. These new corrections must include creating of new culture of reading, socialization of youth and popularization of reading.

About the authors

Igor I. Kuznetsov

Lomonosov Moscow State

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Political Science, Professor of the Department of History and Theory of Politics, Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University СЕО of the Russian Society of Political Scientists

27-4 Lomonosovsky Prospect, Moscow, 119192, Russian Federation


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