The Image of Russia in the Media of the EAEU Countries: the Mediametric Analysis


This article is dedicated to study the image of Russia in the media of Eurasian Economic Union countries based on the informational-analytical system “Russia in the world” of “Russia Today”. The author focuses on activity and tonality of information resources in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, moreover the index of their “aggressiveness” in relation to Russia. With the help of an expert survey, the problems of forming a media image of Russia in the EAEU countries were identified and recommendations were made for its improvement. The analysis of empirical data allowed the author to determine the nature of Russia’s positioning in the media coverage of each country, to compile statistics taking into account positive, neutral and negative indicators. Results of the study show the level of information activity in these countries, the factors influencing dynamics of attitude towards Russia in their media fields, as well as presence of anti-Russian tendencies in propaganda of some EAEU states.

About the authors

Maria A. Savelyeva

Lomonosov Moscow State

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate of the Department of Political Sociology and Psychology, Faculty of Political Science

27-4 Lomonosovsky Prospect, Moscow, 119192, Russian Federation


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