The current European migration crisis outlined the problems of cooperation between the EU countries in the search for solutions in emerging multilateral conflicts. Therefore, the purpose of this analysis is to identify the role of the regional information exchange network and cooperation in the field of illegal migration and to reduce cross-border crime between the countries of North Africa, Asia and the EU. Cooperation can include assistance with the authorities to implement national strategies to address the causes of illegal migration by encouraging local economic development and providing access to jobs for migrants and host communities, and to strengthen protection for the most vulnerable. It is extremely important to increase the capacity of the authorities in North Africa and Asia to combat illegal migration and human trafficking by strengthening their border surveillance systems. Other areas of support with EU countries include an inter-agency visit to the European Border Guard and the Coast Guard Agency in Warsaw, the designation of a contact point for Operation Sophia and the study of information exchange opportunities within the Seahorse Mediterraneo project. Key issues include changes in the legal and institutional framework, knowledge base, channels for legal migration, border control, prevention of illegal migration.

About the authors

Maria G Bistrina

New Bulgarian University

Author for correspondence.

Assistant Professor of the Department of Political Science, New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria), Postgraduate Student of the Department of Political Analysis and Management, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)

Sofia, Bulgaria


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