The perception of the image of the state by its citizens is believed to be one of the most promising areas for the study of political consciousness. When the object of the research is youth, the obtained data allow us to identify their main expectations from the further development of the country's political system. Basing on the results of six focus groups among students at St. Petersburg State University, in this paper we attempt to describe the image of ideal Russia in the minds of students. We have obtained results demonstrating that 1) the images of the country, the authorities, and the political leader are a kind of projection of the political processes and phenomena that are currently occurring in the world; 2) youth is characterized by categorical and inconsistent in their own views and evaluations; 3) along with patriotism, students feel a sense of responsibility for their future and the future of Russia.

About the authors

Diana A Budko

Saint-Petersburg State University

Author for correspondence.

PhD, Assistant of the Department of Political Institutions and Applied Political Studies, Saint-Petersburg State University

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Galina V Lukyanova

Saint-Petersburg State University


PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Institutions and Applied Political Studies, St. Petersburg State University

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation


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