No 2 (2010)


To the Problematics of Multiculturalism in the Context of I. Kant's Philosophy of the History

Belas L., Belasova L.


In the article are analyzed contradictions and calls of multiculturalism in today's Europe in view of modern global problems, attempts of construction of the unipolar world. During it creatively applied principles of philosophy of a history and culture, developed by I. Kant. carries out the analysis of their studying and application in the modern western research literature.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Critical Pedagogy of the 21st Century or, how «to learn to unlearn

Tlostanova M.V.


The article polemically considers the main aspects of the higher education crisis on a global scale and juxtaposes the epistemic, axiological, existential and other bases of the Western and non-Western ways of its overcoming. Specific attention is paid to the comparison between the «Davos culture» phenomenon in higher education and the really existing Intercultural University of the Indigenous peoples and nations of Ecuador, built on alternative principles.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):15-26
pages 15-26 views

The World-view Bases of Culture-Educational Process

Nizhnikov S.A.


In the article is analyzed the specificity of «sciences about spirit», their difference from natural-science knowledge as in a subject (being - existing), so on a method (mathematics, «monologue» and, accordingly, hermeneutics, «dialogue»). Qualitative feature of social-humanitarian knowledge is seen also in the statement of values («the truth of heart») and available and comprehension of a phenomenon of freedom resisting to a determinism of a nature. It is marked, that not to realize specificities of «sciences about culture» results to degradation and, as consequence, dehumanization, fraught catastrophic consequences for existence of the person and development of a society.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):27-40
pages 27-40 views

Social-philosophical Aspects of the Problem of Differentiation of the Proprietary Information

Latypov A.I.


The paper characterizes social-philosophical differentiation of the proprietary information. The informational property is regarded as a species of property, characterized by unique form of person's objective differentiation of some events or processes, which is claimable to create difference in the next public activity.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):41-47
pages 41-47 views

On Possibility of Geometrical Approach to the Problem of Substantiation of Mathematics

Ivanov I.G.


In the article there are analyzed the preconditions of appearence of geometrical program of substatiation of mathematics. The main obstacles to the development of research in this field are common views about unreliability of geometrical understanding in mathematics. Reabilitation of geometry is possible and the main propositions of its critics in discussions about the basis of mathematics can be disputed. Though, to establish geometrical approach to substantiation of mathematics it is necessary to clarify gnoseological nature of geometrical intuition, its genesis and special role in mathematical thinking. This will mean the return to the number of propositions of the philosophy of mathematics of I. Kant and R. Descartes.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):48-60
pages 48-60 views

The Philosophical Theory and Clinical Practice: Comparative Philosophy in Research of Interdisciplinary Directions

Vlasova O.A.


In article comparative research of philosophical psychiatry is presented. Vectors «theory/practice», «philosophical/clinical», «knowledge/thinking/experience», which various combination provides an originality of philosophically-clinical directions, are allocated. In the conclusion the author emphasizes, that comparative philosophy appears extremely fruitful in research of space of interdisciplinary interaction.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):61-68
pages 61-68 views

The Problem of Property in Chicherin's Philosophy of History

Lobeeva V.M.


The paper studies the concept of property developed by B.N. Chicherin. The essence and the origin of the property phenomenon, the relation of freedom and property, the economic and the juridical content of the right to property and special features of the existence of property are analyzed from the philosophic-legal and socio-historical points of view.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):69-77
pages 69-77 views

Phenomenon of Intelligentsia in Russian Religious Philosophy in the Beginning of XX Century

Alekhina E.V.


The article presents a critical analysis of utopian and nihilistic ideology and features of the rationality of revolutionary intelligentsia by Russian religious philosophers of the early twentieth century. In the centre of the author's attention are ideas of authors of the collection «Vekhi», that have not lost their value for understanding of the causes of catastrophic events in the socio-economic and humanitarian spheres of post-communist society.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):78-87
pages 78-87 views

Becoming of Pre-Philosophical terminology in Ancient Egyptian Thought

Zhdanov V.V.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):88-92
pages 88-92 views

System Understanding of Truth and Problem of Artificial Intelligence

Ukhov A.Y.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):93-96
pages 93-96 views

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RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2010;(2):97-98
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