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RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):5-6
pages 5-6 views

Department of Ethic in Russian University of Peoples’s Friendship

Tsvyk V.A.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):7-8
pages 7-8 views

Two theorethical problems in modern ethic

Guseynov A.A.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):9-11
pages 9-11 views

Personal intrest in Moral

Razin A.V.


In the article is considered the question of how personal interest can be represented in moral. We argue that personal interest in one or another form takes place in moral. It is also demonstrated insufficiency of traditional moral investigation methodology connected with the mistake of extra generalization. Suggested the new methodology developed on the base of complementary principle.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):12-27
pages 12-27 views

Aim and means in Humanistic policy

Nizhnikov S.A.


In the investigation by the analysis possible variants of correlation between means and the aim, violence and non-violence, among which specially Machiavelli’s ( only the virtue political aim justifies any means ), Machiavellianism ( the aim justifies any means ), humanistic ( the virtue aim can be achieved only by virtue methods) and pacifists (nonresistance to evil by force ) defines special features of humanistic understanding . It is asserted that the decision of modern global both international, and internal problems can be reached only on the basis of a humanistic policy of non-violence, ( nonresistance to evil by violence, that doesn’t except, but sometimes need resistance to evil by force) which principles are opened in «axial time» by world religions and philosophy, and which were advanced by I. Kant, F. Dostoevsky, M. Gandy, M.L. King, etc.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):28-38
pages 28-38 views

Philosophers of Russian cosmism about dialectics of Good and Evil

Suslov A.V.


The article analysis problem of Good and Evil in the Russian philosophy of the nineteenth — twentieth century, describes the rationale and nature of the relationship of these in the overall context of the moral foundations of human activity.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):39-45
pages 39-45 views

The problem of virtue in the later works of F. Nietzsche

Kosorukova A.A.


The article analyses the concept of virtue in the later works of F. Nietzsche, considering possible interpretations of the criticism of the classical concept of virtue and the significance of psychological (subjectivist) method for dealing with the problem.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):46-54
pages 46-54 views

Justice as basis of social partnership: to history of philosophical and legal ideas

Chernogortseva G.V.


The article focuses on genesis of the philosophical and legal ideas, treating justice as a basis of social partnership that is necessary for each society, especially demanded in modern conditions of development of civil society and the rule-of-law state.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):55-63
pages 55-63 views

Ethics of the Globalising world

Alexina T.A.


The article analysis ethical problems of globalization: moral dilemmas of multiculturalism, patriotism, and tolerance; contradiction between ethics of well-beeing and ethics of survival; the new character of moral evil and dramatic contradiction between the “death of the Subject” and keen necessity of his reconstruction in situation near the “point of Chaos”.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):64-74
pages 64-74 views

The debate on the limits of justice and obligations to future generations

Prokofyev A.V.


This paper analyses the problem of our obligations to future generations in the perspective of the notion that the application of the principles of justice has its contextual limits (bounds). The analysis reveals considerable flaws in the conception of limits of justice itself and in the contract-based approach to the fair treatment of future people that is closely associated with it.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):75-84
pages 75-84 views

Tolerance as a doctrine, principal of behavior and moral dilemma

Porokhovskaya T.I.


The article deals with tolerance as an idea and a principal of behavior, as a specific mechanism of support to peaceful co-existence of social groups. It is looking through the origin and historical change of tolerance idea content including philosophical-ideological basics of it contemporary understanding. Analysis of tolerance principal practical realization makes the conclusion about limited regulatory potentialities of this principal. Tolerance does not liquidate the conflict between interests and values. For moral values this conflict might be even destructive.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):85-95
pages 85-95 views

To the question of the formation of patriotism and spirituality in modern Russian youth

Moiseenko M.V.


The article is devoted to the problem of the formation of patriotism and spirituality in modern Russian youth. The appeal to the Russian history, promotion of national spiritual values, achievements and victories, opinions of Russian great people, representing its national pride play an important role in solving this problem. Author marks the need to strengthen the ideological education of youth, emphasizes the significance of positive hero, spiritual ideal in the media. In this article author relies on the rich spiritual heritage of the Russian philosophers abroad after October, paying particular attention to the spiritual and moral judgments of I.A. Ilyin.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):96-102
pages 96-102 views

Christian ethics in love

Lohov S.A.


Author of this article comes to the conclusion that in a culture of consumption Christian concept of love has not lost its relevance. Love as the base value is the basis of 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is formed on the basis of the outlook and healthy lifestyle.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):103-111
pages 103-111 views

Applied ethics in the structure of ethical knowledge

Tsvyk A.V.


The article analysis current views of notion, essence and structure of practical ethics. main categories and problems of practical ethics and its correlation with general theory The article also considers of moral.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):112-124
pages 112-124 views

Computer ethics and the problems of information security

Tsvyk I.V.


The article analysis current views of notion, essence and main problems of computer ethics. The article also considers moral, ethical, social and legal aspects of the development of modern information technology and artificial intelligence.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):125-134
pages 125-134 views

Moral and ethical aspects of professionalism

Mukhametzhanova V.S.


The article analysis current views of notion, essence of professionalism, moral aspect of professionalism, structure of professional ethics and its main components are considered, interference of the personality and her professional activity is defined.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):135-141
pages 135-141 views

Concept of physical standard within the framework of bioethics

Savvina O.V.


The article analysis current concept of physical standard and its evolution. The concept of physical standard was influenced by Darwinism in the beginning of XXth century. It radically changed after The Second World War because of human rights organizations’ activity. Rights of patients were expanded. Criteria of medical norm became more flexible. They are formed not only by medical science but by cultural factors as well.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):142-150
pages 142-150 views

Actual problems of teaching professional Ethics in higher education

Sadovaya L.V.


This paper deals with the problem of teaching ethics and its role in the training and education of students. The aim is to develop teaching strategies of the professional and personal development of future professionals who can distinguish between good and evil, with the skills of moral evaluation of its performance and ready to take responsibility for them. The study of ethics allows the student to experience the educational, professional, social and cultural cooperation, negotiation skills and a team player. Key role in achieving the goals assigned to the educational ethos orienting future professionals to cooperate.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):151-159
pages 151-159 views

Diversity of civilizations as a vehicle for attaining successful global changes

Yakunin V.I.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):160-167
pages 160-167 views

Cooperation and Competition: new ways for the French universities to fight the crisis

Guillard G.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):168-170
pages 168-170 views

Internationalizing Graduate Student Programs: The Global Consortium for International Family Studies

Yan Ruth Xia -., John DeFrain -., Sylvia M Asay -., Richard Bischoff -., Penny Crofts -., Neela Dabir -., Xiaoyan Han -., Deborah Hartman -., Julie Johnson -., Lina Kashyap -., Eleni Kassapi -., Theodora Kaldi-Koulikidou -., Marjorie Kostelnik -., Sun Wha Ok -., Devi Prasad -., Magda Tsolaki -., Anqi Xu -., Fuming Zheng -.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):171-177
pages 171-177 views

Higher education strategies: towards the 21st century innovative societies

Kirabaev N.S., Tlostanova M.V.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):178-182
pages 178-182 views

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RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2013;(3):183-184
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