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RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):5-5
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Rationalism and Postmodernism

Naydych V.M.


Postulated by postmodernism variety of types of rationality no denies rationality as a universal human ability to learn the inner, qualitatively diverse structural connections and relations of being. Universal rationality exists as far as being itself necessarily structured. Postmodernism reduces philosophy to the unphilosophical forms of culture.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):6-14
pages 6-14 views

Communication - a condition of the transfer of knowledge and technology ipmplementation Vim

Pavlenko A.N.


This paper examines the relationship of the communication processwith rational procedures. It is shown that due to the rationalcomponent of the communication process is not recognized at theeveryday level as the process is regulated and controlled. In this regard, we introduce a special term VIM-technology - technology, coercing member communications to take a well-definedinformation. The use of VIM-technology allows you to emphasizecommunicative community in that group, which provides informationwith predetermined properties, and the other group, whichinstinctively takes this information. It is shown that under the so-understood communicative doctrine is based on two worldviews: antropolatriya and sotsiolatriya.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):15-22
pages 15-22 views

Michael Vasilyevich Lomonosov and St. Petersburg Academy of Science

Sorokina T.S.


Three hundred years ago in 1711 the Great Russian scientist Michael Vasilyevich Lomonosov was born. He was skilled practically in all sciences of his time - mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, mining, philology, poetry, history, philosophy. He was a wonderful leader of Russian higher education and scientific research. All his life and scientific activity had been connected with the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):23-32
pages 23-32 views

The prejudice as a consequential moment of the mind

Gabdullin I.R.


This article analyzes the problem of prejudice as a special state of consciousness. We investigate the theoretical and methodological background of formulating and solving the problem. It is emphasized that an important role in the system such assumptions does the system of concepts and categories that define the forms of interaction of cognitive and functional value of consciousness.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):33-38
pages 33-38 views

The political myth: rational visibility and an irrational essence

Strelnik O.N.


In the article are found out a place and a role of a political myth in a modern political reality. The author analyzes mutual relations of political ideology, a political myth and archaic mythology, reconstructs the basic lines of a modern political myth. In the conclusion the question of an archetype of the hero as a basis for construction modern political leaders public images is considered.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):39-47
pages 39-47 views

«World of life» as mythology

Naydysh-Morkovina O.V.


The conception world of life is analysing in the article. It is shown, that this conception reflects the existence of such a component of common sense, which is directly related to value-sense sphere of vital activity of a person. The presence of such a component allows us to explain why human world of life inevitably mythologized.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):48-55
pages 48-55 views

The genius as an esthetich category

Matyushova M.P.


The article gives a brief overview of the development of ideas about the talent and genius in the history of aesthetics. The author attempts to identify the most characteristic features of a brilliant individual, designate a kind of formula for genius.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):56-66
pages 56-66 views

About the parity of concepts «Not I» «Alter ego» and «Another»

Degtyareva O.V.


This article analyzes the concepts such as non-self and other self other in their mutual relations. Analyzed Fichtean interpretation of non-self, the modern interpretation of the problems. Concludes the futility of identifying a non-I, Other I and Other. It is shown that the philosophical problems of interpretation of the Other requires the use of knowledge not only of the social sciences and humanities, but also in natural and engineering, in particular, cybernetics.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):67-71
pages 67-71 views

Book review: V.Y. Kuznetsov «World Unity»

Artamonova D.U.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):72-73
pages 72-73 views

Book review: P.N. Baryshnikov «Myth and metaphor: lingvophilosophykal approach»

Naydych V.M.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):74-77
pages 74-77 views

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RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2012;(2):78-79
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