Long-timed words, Peirce Triangle, Tetrahedron of Ontological Propis

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In this work author analyses names (signs) with the period of existence greater than zero. The whole body of names (signs) is divided into 1) “long-timed words” and 2) “singular words”. It is shown that in Peirce Triangle the name (sign) itself, its denotation and meaning may last in different combinations. Typology of “long-timed words” and “singular words” is described. New notion describing the world of possible and real objects is introduced - Ontological Space or Writing Sample (Propis). Tetrahedron of Propis is also introduced with meaning (concept) rather than name (sign) as its apex. It is shown than neither “name” nor “denotate” can exist without sense whilst sense can exist without “name” or “denotate”. The fact that Writing Sample (Propis) consists of “segments-streaks” is justified. It is also shown that “long-timed words” do (do not) correspond to these “segments-streaks” of the Propis. Analysis of the Propis led to formulating fourteen axioms that its “segments-streaks” and “long-timed words” obey.

About the authors

A. N. Pavlenko

Institute of Philosophy RAS

Author for correspondence.
Email: anpavlenko@mail.ru

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, leading researcher

Russian Federation, 109240, Moscow, Goncharnay, 12/1


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Copyright (c) 2020 Pavlenko A.N.

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