Integrity as a problem. Concerning a religious metaphysics of personality

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This paper tries to present a reasonably correct interpretation of the notion “integrity of being”, which is known to be central in the philosophy of so called “Slavophilism”. In a roll-call of ideas born in the “Golden Age” (I.V.Kireyevsky) and the “Silver Age” (S.L.Frank) of Russian thought a formula for the integrity of a living being is suggested, as comprising an transrational hierarchical unity of rational and transrational aspects of a living existence. This unity itself is meta-logical in its nature and cannot therefore be reduced neither to mere thinking about integrity, nor to an irrational flow of formless “life”. “Vitalist” metaphysics as well as metaphysics of “all-unity” appear in this context as “legitimate” diversions from a metaphysics of animate integrity

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A K Sudakov

Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences

Goncharnaya Str., 12/1, Moscow, Russia, 109240


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