Mapping on the human genome: progress, problems, prospects

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The article is confined to the fifteen-year anniversary of the paramount event in the world of science of the XXI century - to the mapping on the human genome. Implementation of this international program was an unprecedented event in modern natural sciences. Creation of the Human genome project has set biology in a number of the sciences which are capable to realize global programs with huge not only especially scientific, but also practical value. Biotechnologies make essential impact on social and economic development of society, and also on philosophy, morals, the right, religion and other spheres of culture as their application affects problems of management of human nature and all live in general. The author tells about tendencies and features of modern biological science and medicine, about the new level of comprehension of biological problems which is based on results of the Human genome program.

About the authors

E N Gnatik

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Ontology and Epistemology Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


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