The problem of the physical objects existence. Outline of the «new critical realism»

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It is shown that in the modern physical and cosmological knowledge there is a change of epistemological vector: “theory” is no longer a simple generalization of “experience”. It requests a reconsideration of such concept as “the objects’ existence”. That strategy of positivism, which involved a strong relationship between the physical observability ( O ) and physical existence ( Е ) " x ( O ( x ) « E ( x )) - no longer meet the requirements of modern knowledge. There is a weakening of equivalence to the conjunction $ x ( O ( x ) & E ( x )). It is illustrated “autonomy” of analytic truth with regard to the empirical truth by the example of physical and logical theories.

About the authors

A N Pavlenko

Institute of philosophy of the RAS

Research Group “Ontologiya”


Copyright (c) 2016 Philosophy

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