Eine anthropologische Krise? Anmerkungen zu einer kritischen Interpretation der anthropologischen Situation heute

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The article concerns one of the most popular terms today - the problem of crisis. Crises were already wellknown by the ancients. But all these crises went only into the certain dimensions of human life, that is why we can define them as financial, political, social etc. Today we also often hear about all these arts of crises, but the real state is more complicated as this time it seems to be a question of the crisis within the human being himself in his project of humanity, that can not stay whithout the influence of all dimensions of human life. The main feature of this anthropological crisis is loneliness in its different arts - cosmic, metaphysical and social loneliness. More particular manifestations of this crisis are cult of money, loss by the human being his irreplaceability, his own metaphysical dignity, substitution of the concept of virtue with the concepts of price and profitability, development of the leisure industry etc. Today all the things can be bought, all the things have their own price, even a human being. The author doesn’t stop at the mere ascertaining of the existing situation, but he also tries to show the possible ways out. We must at once thoroughly study the process are taking place and define whether we have to do with a decadence or a renescence crisis and only then we could on the way of intercultural and interreligious dialog renovate the humanism on the base of spiritual and religious traditions.

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