Postmetaphysics: Text of History and Context of Contemporaneity

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The article deals with the world outlook and methodological status of metaphysics in contemporary philosophy and culture in general. Adhering to the distinction between Modern (modernity) and Postmodern (contemporaneity), the author refers mainly to the resources of postmodernism. Metaphysics as such satisfies the eternal human desire for perfection and completeness, that is, for comprehending the meaning of the whole. Today, however, this whole is neither linear nor hard — rather soft, hence soft or weak metaphysics. The ultimate reality in this case is represented by differences, not some single substance. The metaphysical whole also consists of the differences. Since difference is a unit of information, contemporary metaphysics, or postmetaphysics, has an implicit information bias.

About the authors

P K Grechko

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Social Philosophy Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Copyright (c) 2016 Philosophy

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