One of the Universal Approaches to the Study of Civilizational Phenomena

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The paper presents an attempt to describe the history of European civilization in terms of sequential process of changing of the astronomic, or cosmological, world picture. The author's aim is to demonstrate that a set of astronomic world models may be used as a basis of periodization of history. In the author's thought, astronomic world models, dealing with the concepts: 'Human being - Earth - Heavenly bodies - Universe', can be understood as a key element of both collective and individual world outlook. A conjecture is made that this model should be determined as a primary one. In its turn, it generates a lot of derivatives, which, in the aggregate, make up the whole context of both personal and collective consciousness.

About the authors

Andrey V Kuzmin

S.I.Vavilov Institute of Natural History and Technics

Email: <>
Институт истории естествознания и техники им. С.И. Вавилова РАН; S.I.Vavilov Institute of Natural History and Technics


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