The postmodern social relationships - morality and justice vis-à-vis to the arrogance of power

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The article discusses the understanding and misunderstanding of morality and justice in post-traditional society on the background of ideas M. Blondel, Ortegu y Gasset, E. Chiavacci and S. Privitera. Actual absence forming of human consciences and long persist relativisation of truth and values which was revitalized in actual social place and new social conflicts. Today it is very hard to consider which type of justice have to be application and which morality have to be preferred in social relations. Axel Honneth and Marek Hrubec emphasize to need, so-called good life on the ground of strengthening social appreciation, they estimate and recognise the other as to peer. It is possible to remove arrogance powerful and with means of transparent practices in social relations towards to transnational and global responsibility.

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H Hrehova

University of Trnava

Department of Ethics´and Moral Philosophy Faculty of Arts


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