Patriotism in the globalization epoch

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The article deals with patriotism as value and norm of the civil ethics, its substance, basics and functions as well and the transformation of patriotism that have happened through last twenty-thirty years. Patriotism in the soviet society was one of fundamental values of state ideology and social consciousness. Though nowadays national loyalty and patriotism are frequently declared as archaic, irrational or morally inappropriate positions. The author analyses the cause of these changes in the system of values of social consciousness. Relying on works by Z. Bauman, J. Isensee, H. Krings, A. Leist, A.S. Panarin, J. Habermas etc. the author demonstrates that modern democratic society is impossible beyond particular constitutional state as well as without loyalty and social responsibility of its citizens. It is shown two approaches to the basing of patriotism: culture-ontological and individual-ontological. A. Leist describes three methods of the basing of patriotism in the of individualistic alternative: liberal patriotism, value patriotism and particular patriotism.

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T I Porokhovskaya

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Department of Ethics Faculty of Philosophy


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