Influencе of autoimmune thyreoiditis on intellect in young people in West Kazakhstan

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The authors investigated influence of autoimmune thyreoiditis (AIT) in the phase of euthyreosis and subclinic hypothyreosis on the level of the intellectual development. There were examined 92 persons (mean age - 22,3 years old). Among them there were 67 pts with AIT (basic group) and 25 healthy people. Intellectual level in AIT was examined in 4 groups. The 1st group of 25 pts is controlled; the 2nd - of 24 pts - with euthyreosic AIT; the 3rd of 22 pts - with subclinic hypothyreosis; the 4th of 21 pts - with manifestal hypothyreosis. There were used clinic, ultrasonic investigations, determing free thyroxin fraction, TTG. The evaluation of mental development with calculating intellectual index IQ was investigated by means testing of D. Veksler method, adapting by A. Yu. Panasyuk. Data received revealed, that average total, verbal and nonverbal parameters in control group were 114 ± 8,1; 103 ± 23,1; 113 ± 15,2 respectively. AIT development was accompanied by the decrease of intellectual level by data of the same tests. There were revealed lower levels of memory volume in AIT, than in control group. Conclusion: AIT was accompanied by decreasing intellect and memory in all investigated groups.

About the authors

R M Zaslavskaya

City clinic hospital N 60

City clinic hospital N 60

J Kh Talipova

West-Kazakstan state medical university

West-Kazakstan state medical university


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