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For the purpose of improvement of results of treatment of extensive median hernias in the choice of ways of the combined hernioplasty at a stage of an electromyography ball assessment of the stigmata of a dysplasia of a connecting tissue, influence of a mesenchymal failure on contractility of abdominal muscles and data of program diagnostics of a collagen found at survey in microscopic preparations of a skin and aponeurosis at 95 surgical patients is introduced. In group 25 (26,4%) of patients with clinically significant level of a dysplasia depression of electroactivity of rectus muscles for 24,7% and the lateral group of the abdominal muscles - for 22,8% is revealed. The microscopy of sites of an aponeurosis among them taped depression of density of laying of a collagen to 31,7% and augmentation of intensity of its staining twice. As a result of the undertaken improvement the way of surgical treatment of median hernias of the extensive sizes which use in clinical practice allows to reduce a share of a dysplasia of a connecting tissue among the reasons of a recurrence of a disease is developed.

About the authors

R I Railianu

Shevchenko State University of Pridnestrovie

Author for correspondence.

A A Botezatu

Shevchenko State University of Pridnestrovie


G I Podoliniy

Shevchenko State University of Pridnestrovie


V A Kryzhanovsky

Shevchenko State University of Pridnestrovie



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Copyright (c) 2018 Railianu R.I., Botezatu A.A., Podoliniy G.I., Kryzhanovsky V.A.

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