No 3 (2011)


Analysis of Admissible Loads Accounting Different Factors

Rekach F.V., Sinichenko E.K.


Analysis of admissible loads accounting different factors is given.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):5-8
pages 5-8 views

Reduction of Pressure Oscillations in Magistral Gas Tubes

Sinichenko E.K., Rekach F.V.


The absorber pressure, the principle of action is based on the elastic-damping effect on the flow of gas have been considered.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):9-18
pages 9-18 views

System Designing of Power Effective Buildings

Fedjuk R.S.


Questions of optimization of thermal efficiency of a projected building for all term of operation are considered. The algorithm of system designing of power saving up buildings is resulted. The algorithm is developed for system of the automated designing of modern power saving up buildings.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):19-23
pages 19-23 views

The Drop Shaped Surfaces in The Architecture of Buildings, Tanks, and Factory-Made Goods

Krivoshapko S.N., Mamiyeva I.A.


The review paper contains all known for today information on strength analysis, stability, and applications of drop shaped shells in construction and technics. The voluminous references containing 28 titles give an opportunity to lay down subsequent investigations in this field.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):24-31
pages 24-31 views

Seismic Safety of Large Vertical Steel Cylindrical TanksGrounds

Kambiz Kangarloo -.


The objectives of this paper are to highlight the principal effects of base uplifting on the seismic response of ground supported cylindrical steel tanks that are unanchored at their Base. Specific areas targeted for improvements are related to: a) Estimation of the loads exerted on anchored tanks, particularly the overturning moment, b) Estimation of the compressive stress and allowable shell buckling stress at the shell bottom.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):32-37
pages 32-37 views

Scientific Seminar as an Important Part for the Highly-Qualified Specialists in the Field of Civil Engineering

Svintsov А.P., Nikolenko Y.V.


The information is presented on the inter-university scientific and practical seminar Technology and Planning of Construction and International scientific and practical conference Engineering systems-2011 which held at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):38-43
pages 38-43 views

The Study of Oil Field Well Using GDIS-Method to Unsteady Fluid Injection in a Porous Medium- a Method of Restoring the Bottom hole Pressure

Kolbikov V.S., Danilchenko O.N.


Well testing method to the removal of bottom-hole pressure recovery curve P (t) is one of the most important methods of field research wells and reservoirs in the study of the characteristics of productive oil fields during the entire history of their development. In this paper we have developed new methodological framework, significantly extending the reliable assessment of the basic hydrodynamic parameters and filtration systems drained reservoir deposits.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):44-50
pages 44-50 views

Modern Masters Courses in Management for the Russian oil industry

Vorobev A.E., Moldabaeva G.Z., Kornienko A.


Considered necessary prerequisites for training students in master for future work on management in the oil and gas industry. Analyzed with similar courses in graduate programs in MGIMO, RGGU of Gubkin. The author's program with an emphasis on productive activities.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):51-59
pages 51-59 views

Improvement of Ecological Parameters of the Automobile Engine with Spark Ignition in Period Heating After Cold Start-Up

Gusakov S.V., Sharipov A.Z., Menshikh A.A.


This article about problems of reduction of emissions of harmful substances in the period automobile engines with spark ignition after cold start-up. In this period owing to low temperatures there is an incomplete combustion of fuel, and efficiency catalytic the converter is low. In article is considered the method of increase of efficiency heating of the engine and converter is considered by application of active chemical products of thermal decomposition of gasoline.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):60-67
pages 60-67 views

Derivation of the Mathematical Model of the Surface Quality of the Structural Quartz Ceramic Shell of Revolution

Rogov V.A., Shkarupa M.I., Kopylov V.V.


The results of the investigation into the grinding of the double curvature structural quartz ceramic shell of revolution are given. The planning matrix has been developed to carry out the experiment. The equation of surface roughness regression has been derived. The response surfaces have been formed. The most significant factors are defined, and recommendations on how to determine the machining conditions are given.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):68-73
pages 68-73 views

The Application of Neural Network for Earthquake Magnitude Prediction In Taybac Viet Nam

Pupkov K.А., Cao DinhTrong -., Cao DinhTrieu -., Pham Nam Hung -.


In this paper the authors presented some primary results of the application of Neural Network for Earthquake Magnitude Prediction in Tay Bac Viet Nam.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):74-79
pages 74-79 views

Using TheVibroacoustic Effects for Double-Faced Grinding Process Troubleshooting

Vayner L.G., Rivkin A.V.


The article covers hypothesis checking about electronic oscillations of the disc's dynamic system by the roller, characterizating of informative capacity of the vibratory signal and the correlating of the vibratory signal's quantitative index with the rotation characteristic's indices and precision of the machine processing.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):80-82
pages 80-82 views

The Influence of Trade Mark on Enterprise's Competitive Ability

Sul'povar L.B., Bogachyova T.V.


The article is devoted to the role of a trade mark in enterprises' competitive advantages. The authors find out organizational - legal, financial - economic and social-psychological problems connected with creation and promotion of a trade mark and offer ways of their solving. A makeup of expenditures on a trade mark creation and its influence on brand cost are found out, methods of brand cost assessment are offered. The authors show advantages of trade mark use, influencing an enterprise's competitive ability.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):83-90
pages 83-90 views

About a Hydrogen Role as Chemical Reagent in the Kinetic Mechanism of Carbonformation in A Diesel Engine

Fomin V.M., Ramzi H.J., Khakimov R.R., Shevchenko D.V.


Here is discussed the actual problem of modern engine engineering, namely reduction of soot particles emissions in diesel engines. One of the most effective methods of particles emission reduction, which is on based on hydrogen addition to a working body of diesel is considered here. A number of methodically well-founded positions about a hydrogen role as chemical reagent has been suggested in certificates of formation and the soot combustion which reliability is confirmed by results of natural experiment on diesel.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):91-99
pages 91-99 views

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RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):100-102
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RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2011;(3):103-104
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