Vol 20, No 2 (2019)

Aviation and rocket and space technology

Satellite constellation design of on-orbit servicing space system for Globalstar satellites

Razoumny V.Y., Baranov A.A., Razoumny Y.N.


The ballistic problem of on-orbit space serving system configuration design for active Globalstar satellites is considered. These satellites are moving in orbits with close altitudes and inclinations but with significant difference in longitude of ascending node (more than 10 degrees). The onorbit space servicing system is a system of base orbital stations for servicing the given array of the satellites using the detachable orbital modules. The noted acoplanarity leads to high expenses of the total relative velocity (fuel) required for inter-orbit flights to serving satellites. The article provides an example of solving the design problem basing on the developed methodology of optimal serving planning using up-to-date algorithms of estimating energy costs of flights to serving satellites, that significantly decrease flight fuel costs. The problem of configuration design of space serving system as well as the problem of optimal serving planning has been solved basing on the analyzing the deviation map of satellites and orbital stations longitudes of ascending node. It is shown that proposed method allows to define the necessary amount and orbit parameters of orbital stations, the amount of detached orbital modules and total relative velocity, needed to service the given group of spacecraft.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):111-122
pages 111-122 views

Experience and opportunities of space systems applications of Earth remote sensing to prediction gold mineralization on difficult to approach areas on the example of the Polar Urals

Ivanova J.N., Ivanov K.S., Bondareva M.K., Ermolaev V.A., Zhukov A.O.


The questions of the using of domestic and foreign spacecraft (SC), as well as Earth remote sensing (ERS) equipment for search and predication of gold mineralization on the example of the promising and difficult to approach areas of the Polar and the Northern Urals are discussed in the article. The solution of this problem is showed on the example of the prospective areas of the Arctic and the Northern Urals based on analysis of Landsat 7 multispectral images. Hidden structures (arc, annular, and radial) were detected with help of analyses of Landsat 7 imagery. Hidden structures determine the position of gold mineralization of the Toupugol-Hanmeyshorskogo (the Novogodnenskoe ore field, the Polar Urals) and the Turinsko-Auerbahovskogo (the Auerbachovskoe ore field, the Northern Urals) ore regions. The decision of this problem is given on the example of the promising territory of the Polar Urals with the use foreign SC the Landsat 7. Comparative analysis of the existing SC of ERS has been carried out, this target information has in the public domain. The onboard equipment installed on domestic spacecraft and the information obtained with use onboard equipment meets the existing requirements. These requirements are placed to onboard equipment to solve the problem of search and predication mineralization. At the same time, the capabilities of the deployed domestic orbital grouping of SC of ERS transcend the capabilities of SC of ERS the Landsat 7. Opportunity of obtaining geospatial information with the use of pseudospacecrafts is being considered. These have several advantages over SC and unmanned aerial vehicles.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):123-133
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Earth science

Perspective of gold-bearing deposits in the ferruginous-siliceous formations of Egypt and Kursk Magnetic Anomaly

Sharafeldin H.E., Vercheba A.A.


Banded ferruginous-siliceous formations (FSF) are confined to the Precambrian basement of the Arabian-Nubian Shield within the central part of the Eastern Desert of Egypt. Gold mineralization is spatially associated with banded ferruginous quartzite, representing one of the most ancient manifestations of gold ore. The Precambrian rocks are combined into deposits complex of the Neoproterozoic Pan-African megacycle of the territory development. Banded iron-silicate rocks occur in sedimentary-volcanogenic rocks that were formed in the subduction trough zones, and are represented by metamorphosed ferruginous quartzites, jaspilites and schists. FSF show tectonic dislocations, shear cracks, and fracture cracks made by gold-quartz-sulphide mineralization. Promising for the identification of gold-bearing mineralization in the rocks of the FSF can be iron-silicate deposits with the occurrence of epigenetic hydrothermal activity as a result of activation of the submarine volcanism of the tholeiitic type.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):174-183
pages 174-183 views

Comparative characteristics of the physical and mechanical properties of andesite-basalts of Zimin and Kamen volcanoes

Belenikin V.V., Pulkova A.S.


The physical and mechanical properties of rocks are called those that determine their behavior under the influence of external forces (loads) and manifest themselves in resistance to destruction and deformation. The property of rocks to resist destruction and the formation of large residual deformations under the influence of the load or, more precisely, to perceive, without breaking down within certain limits and conditions, certain loads are called strength, and their property to change under load the shape of folding and volume is deformation. These properties express and evaluate the strength and deformation indicators. The article compares the physical and mechanical properties and structure of the effusive volcanoes of Zimin and Kamen, which are located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The physical and mechanical properties of the effusive rocks of these volcanoes are rather well studied, which allows to make their detailed characterization, as well as to compare the rocks with each other, highlighting the similarities and differences. By analyzing the data obtained, it is possible to use this information in similar studies, identifying the results or explaining them if there are differences. The conducted studies allow to more accurately explain the influence of structural features on changes in the physical and mechanical properties of the rocks of the Kamen and Zimin volcanoes.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):184-192
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Use of residual rock strength in bearing structures in underground ore mining

Golik V.I., Dmitrak Y.V., Gabaraev O.Z., Razorenov Y.I.


The relevance of the study is explained by the need to improve technological processes with the increasing complexity of the development of ore deposits with an increase in the depth of development, the use of powerful technology and an increase in stresses in arrays of ore-bearing rocks. The need to minimize the risk of mining requires the development and use of tools for managing an array. The purpose of this study is to systematize information about the theory and practice of using the residual bearing capacity of destroyed rocks from the practice of underground mining to improve the methods used to control the geomechanics of ore-bearing arrays. The complex of research includes analytical, full-scale, laboratory and theoretical methods that are used to identify the phenomenon of the use of the residual carrying capacity of destroyed rocks. To achieve this goal information on the use of bearing floors made of intact and destroyed ores and rocks, as well as other materials, is systematized. A brief description of the scientific support of mining engineering tasks is given. The phenomenon of the use of residual bearing capacity of disturbed rocks in the structure arising in the mountain massif is characterized. A critical analysis of the concepts of array management is given. Considered alternative options for creating structures for solving problems of reducing the health risk of workers and improving the quality of ores. A new typification of structures using the residual strength of destroyed rocks is given. It has been proved that in underground mining there is an opportunity to realize the residual bearing capacity of the destroyed rocks to create structures with desired properties, which contributes to solving the tasks of labor protection and improving the quality of ores.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):193-203
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Mechanical engineering and machine science

Development of methodology for calculation of discontinuous circular welds in torsion

Belousov Y.V., Kleymuk I.A., Strashnov S.V.


The main criterion for the performance of welds is the strength. The least durable are the corner joints used to perform various types of welded joints. In the literature, the methods of calculating the strength of welded joints with solid seams are considered in sufficient detail. Methods of calculation of connection interrupted sutures absent. In this case, the greatest difficulty is the calculation of connections using circular intermittent seams, which are often performed in welded drums and pulleys. They work on torsion. Therefore, the development of methods for calculating circular intermittent seams for torsion is quite important. Shear stresses in welds from torque are determined depending on the value of the polar moment of resistance of its dangerous section. When determining the polar moment of resistance of the dangerous section of a circular discontinuous seam, it was represented by a set of sections in the form of a sector of a circular ring. The method of calculation of the polar moment of resistance of the rotated dangerous section of a circular discontinuous weld, which takes into account the relative length of the weld areas and their number, is proposed, as well as the method of accurate and approximate calculation of shear stresses in the weld.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):134-139
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Modeling the set of blade profiles of a gas turbine engine

Mamaev V.K., Vinogradov L.V., Oschepkov P.P.


In the development of gas turbine engines (GTE) it is necessary to simulate the flow section of blade machines (turbines, compressors). At the same time, it is rational to use previously designed profiles and set of profiles with high aerodynamic and efficient performance. This is due to the fact that the process of creating profiles of a nozzle and moving blades set requires the participation of a large team and considerable labor and time costs. Many sets were created for the graphic-analytical design method, which leads to an increase in the development time and a decrease in the universality in terms of the use of programming languages and digital technologies. The article presents the design scheme of the nozzle profile sets of type С8626, the main fragments of the mathematical model of the sets, the results of the design of the original profile С8626 and the sets, comparison of the geometric parameters of the source and built profiles. The contours of the initial profile are approximated by second-order Bezier curves, and the leading and trailing edges are circular arcs. The coordinates of the points of conjugation of the circles of the leading and trailing edges with convex (suction side) and concave (pressure side) profile surfaces are determined. After approximation of the contours of the initial profile, an integral system of equations of the original C8626 turbine profile was obtained. The proposed mathematical model can be considered as independent, it can be a subsystem (software module) of CAD, to represent the shearer of the electronic atlas of profiles and etc.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):140-146
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Acoustic flow meter performance assurance outside the limits of measurement

Lapin M.V., Grinin A.O., Shkarin K.V., Soury K.


Article is dedicated to liquid flow measuring by acoustic flow meters. Manufacturers establish the allowable measurement range (nominal), within which the measurement error is minimal, that’s why their measuring span is limited, and the measurement error when operating in off-design modes is unacceptable. The basic task of this research is to expand the range of flow measurements of acoustic liquid meters. V.A. Fafurin and M.K. Galeev in their work “Calculation of the correction coefficient of the ultrasonic flow meter” have already considered the problem of measuring the flow rate of acoustic devices. In their study was presented a method for calculating the correction coefficient, which depended on the flow regime in the pipe. But this technology is applicable for change-less flow regime pipes. In this article, the authors propose to use a coefficient that has a functional dependence on the magnitude of the flow, obtained empirically. The article describes the stages of the study: the method of calibration of the device, methods of analysis and processing of verification data by PC, the algorithm of measurement system implementation in power engineering equipment, system performance check. The system presented in the article allows to expand the range. The proposed model will be useful for enterprises.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):147-154
pages 147-154 views

Technical rationing of the construction technology of reinforced concrete floor slabs using non-removable void formers

Topchiy D.V., Bolotova A.S., Vorobev A.S., Atamanenko A.V.


Technically sound standards of time and production standards are designed to improve production efficiency, technical and economic indicators of construction enterprises, timely commissioning of buildings and structures being erected, as well as ensuring the proper organization of workers' wages. Labor standards are used in determining the need for construction machinery and equipment, the required number of workers, and also serve as the basis for the development of network and calendar schedules that are part of the project of construction organization (PCO) and the project of construction production (PCP). Standards of time and standards for the production of most of the construction work are contained in the collections of common norms and rates and state elemental estimated norms. However, in the conditions of continuous development and introduction of new production technologies, there is a need to update and refine the existing technical regulation database. Standards of time, corresponding to the modern level of technical development and reflecting the advanced experience of workers, allow to make the right choice when analyzing the most economical ways of producing work. Definition and removal of production standards is to determine the weighted average number of working hours to perform a particular technological operation, while taking into account the conditions of production of this workflow, the numerical and qualification composition of workers.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):155-162
pages 155-162 views

Determination of the rational constructive form of cellular communication towers

Golikov A.V., Mikhalchonok E.A.


The need for reliable supports for locating and maintaining the equipment of cellular opera-tors is increasing every year. The classic version of the supports are lattice towers. At present, optimization of the parameters of lattice towers, which is one of the ways to improve the efficiency of their design and construction, is of great importance. The purpose of the work is chosen definition of a rational constructive form of lattice cellular communication towers. In the work, the calculation and analysis of the tower supports of a prismatic and pyramidal form are made with varying basic geometric parameters of the structure and the ratio of parameters between them. To create basic dependencies, numerical modeling methods are used. According to the results of a critical analysis of the literature on the calculation of lattice supports of high-rise buildings, the absence of recommended optimal values of the geometric parameters of structures and the relationship between them was established. The stress-strain state of the design models of lattice towers of a prismatic and pyramidal shape was assessed with variation of the main overall geometric parameters of the structures. To achieve the goal of finding a rational structural form of lattice supports, two rationalization criteria have been tested and applied - the simultaneous fulfillment of the requirements of both limiting states and minimization of the mass of the structure. The results of the study of lattice tower supports are presented in dimensionless parameters, which can be applied by the engineer when assigning the overall dimensions of the structure at the initial design stage.

RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2019;20(2):163-173
pages 163-173 views

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