Modern practice of algal resources exploitation in the Russian Federation: trends and opportunities

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The article deals with the prospects of economic use of algae resources, which have unique biochemical properties and are valuable raw materials for many areas of industrial activity. The relevance of this topic is due to the fact that, despite the high adaptive capacity and almost ubiquitous distribution of algal resources, their economic potential is not fully realized, and this area of the economy is very promising for scientific research. Analysis of available literature showed that in spite of obvious perspectives of expanding sphere of algae resources use, Russian businessmen still leave without proper attention possibilities of algae use as raw material for different industrial processes. At the same time, the Far Eastern and Northern sea areas with particularly rich reserves of algae resources, which are very promising from the point of view of their economic development, have now been identified. The examples presented in this paper demonstrate the high potential prospects for expanding the economic use of algae resources in Russia.

About the authors

Mariia S. Shishkanova

Gubernsky Lyceum

Author for correspondence.
SPIN-code: 5370-5314
Further Education Teacher in Environmental Studies 66 Popova St, Penza, 440046, Russian Federation

Andrey I. Nikiforov

Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography; Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University)

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3112-5378
SPIN-code: 5896-7947

PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor; Department of International Complex Problems of Nature Management and Ecology

76 Vernadsky Prospekt, Moscow, 119454, Russian Federation


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