The use of a piece sound absorber to reduce the impact of noise on workers in the dairy industry on the example of industrial enterprises of the Republic of Mordovia

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The paper analyzes the working conditions of workers in the dairy industry, which showed that the prevailing harmful production factor is the increased noise level. It has been proven that noise has a negative impact not only on the hearing organs, but also on the whole organism as a whole as a general biological irritant, therefore, reducing noise expansion due to engineering solutions is an urgent task of our time. The article assesses the noise impact on operators of the dairy industry as part of a special assessment of working conditions. The analysis showed that the excess noise level is observed at all workplaces. To protect workers from an increased noise level, a design of a sound-suppressing piece sound absorber is proposed, which is distinguished by high sanitary and hygienic properties. The use of sound-suppressing piece sound absorbers will improve working conditions from a harmful class to an acceptable one.

About the authors

Alexander N. Skvortsov

National Research Mordovian State University named after N. P. Ogareva

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2093-1094

Associate Professor, Department of Life Safety, Institute of Mechanics and Energy

68 Bolshevistskaya St, Saransk, 430005, Republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation


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