Substantiation of sustainable transport infrastructure engineering in Baku and Baku agglomeration

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Research object - transport infrastructure of Baku and Baku agglomeration (BA). Research subject - environement-relatedmodes of transportation in Baku andBA, world practices of ecofriendly mobility choices. Research target - form the rationale for tramway and bicycle network development across Baku from ecological point of view. Research methods and methodology - sociological survey, mathematical methods, cartographical and climatic analysis, SWOT analysis, description. Data base - dataof Intelligent Transport Management Center, survey data on popular websites, normative legal base andstatistics reports оf foreign government agencies. Results and approbation - reasults of research could be used for strategy realisation focused on development of sustainable transporation optionsacross ВА. Projected suggestions - initial phase of tramway network (TN) development in Baku intented to construct tramway linealong Baku sea-front. Ongoing project works of railways connecting Baku with Heydar Aliyev International Airport and touristic centers Shakhdag and Gabala will be set in operation in the future.

About the authors

Marat Faridovich Narbekov

Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

Author for correspondence.

postgraduate student of the chair of urban planning and planning of rural settlements

Zelenaya str., 1, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 420043


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