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Research of influence of adverse factors of the environment of life on physical development and population health is one of actual problems of modern ecology. The article is devoted to the solution of actual problems of protection of the population from noise energies production facilities. Production facilities everywhere are equipped with noisy equipment. That long-term exposure to noise leads to an increase in slow-wave activity, as well as changes in visual and auditory cortical response, with an increase in latency and a decrease in the amplitude values of the main peaks, indicating that the stress response of animals to the stimulus. If the noise energies level from the object in a residential area exceeds the permissible levels (RC), theysound events. The guestion of this article is just one of the most wide spread means of protection from noise energies acoustic screen. The authors have proposed a variant of an acoustic screen. The evaluation of soundproofing of acoustic baffle from direct affection of noise energies was made by calculations.

About the authors

A N Skvortsov

Mordovia State University N.P. Ogarev

Institute of Mechanics and Energy Department of Life Safety


Copyright (c) 2016 Skvortsov A.N.

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