Assessment of air pollution from closed-cycle gas turbine plant

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The paper presents the results of the calculation of air pollution from closed-cycle gas turbine plant (CCGT plant) “Tereshkovo” for basic conditions: peak; regular winter, summer, emergency taking into account the high-rise buildings. Dispersion calculations showed that the concentrations of pollutants at the border of SPZ and residential buildings will not exceed sanitary standards of air quality. On the basis of calculation found that surface concentrations of pollutants do not exceed the standards (MАC) of air cleanliness in the area of residential development; this determines the admissibility of the object in the vicinity of natural complexes and have shown the possibility of reduce the size of SPZ to the border with the construction of a school (up to 200 m in the south- east direction) and to the border of the residential development (up to 280 m in the southern direction)

About the authors

D M Ukhanov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


S O Polovykh

Academy MNEPU


S I Yurchenko

Academy MNEPU


V P Zvolinski

MATI, Russian State Technological University



Copyright (c) 2014 Ukhanov D.M., Polovykh S.O., Yurchenko S.I., Zvolinski V.P.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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